Sea of Thieves Season Seven content update video shows how you can name and decorate ships

Sea Of Thieves Season Seven Name And Decorate Ships 1

Players have sailed in Sea of Thieves for more than four years now, fighting skeletons and customizing ships. And all that time an important feature has been left out. But with Season Seven, pirates and pirate captains will finally be able to buy, name, and decorate their own ships — as seen in a Sea of Thieves content update video that landed today.

The amount of customization options is welcome. You could apply color and detail on every ship, from the sails to the cannons. However, as customized as ships can be, Sea of Thieves has never let you actually name the vessel you could spend countless hours sailing. That is set to change. Season Seven of Sea of Thieves lets the captain bestow a purchased ship with a name. For the galleon, as seen in the video, you can see the name above the captain’s quarters and located on the back. The decorative piece with the name is large enough that most ships straying close will be able to read it before sending a volley of cannon balls your way.


You’ll also soon be able to decorate your ship in Sea of Thieves. There are a myriad of options as well, ranging from your bed, to paintings, the quest table, and more. You can even toss down a rug that’ll really tie the ship together. These customizations can also be saved to your ship, so don’t worry about having to readjust paintings every session. However, saving your ship customization settings also keeps things like battle damage. The shipwright at port can clean up the old tub for a small fee.

Gotta get the painting placement just right

You can earn more customization options by earning Milestones and completing Voyages. Milestones are permanent when unlocked and offer various rewards. They’re offered up in a range of “Alignments,” which cover different activities featured in the game. For example, completing Milestones in ‘The Hunter’ alignment requires you cook or eat a certain amount of food. Voyages are, of course, quests that can range form brief treasure hunts to longer missions.

Ship names and decorations are likely exciting enough for Sea of Thieves players, but there is the usual gamut of other rewards in Season Seven. There are 100 levels of awards, ranging from new outfits to cold, hard cash. Check out the content update video above for more.

Season Seven for Sea of Thieves did get hit by a slight delay, but it will finally cast off on August 4.

Sea Of Thieves Season Seven Name And Decorate Ships 2

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