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After a short delay, Sea of Thieves Season Seven is about ready to leave port. On August 4, the game is receiving some big changes with the new season. At long last, you’ll be able to feel like a real pirate captain. Sea of Thieves Season Seven will allow you to buy, name, and decorate ships, and today we have the ship prices and even more details thanks to a video deep dive.

When the next season of the game begins, you’ll be able to set yourself as captain and purchase a vessel. The number and type of ships hasn’t changed, though. You still get the pick of a Sloop, Brigantine, or Galleon. But this time, you can drop some gold to purchase one outright. It’ll become¬†your¬†ship in more ways than one. You can name it, and choose what decorations line the inside of the vessel.


If you plan on being a captain in Sea of Thieves Season Seven, you start by looking at ship types and prices. Solo captains may go for the Sloop, which comes in at 250,000 gold. However, if you’re runnin’ a crew, then you can opt for the Brigantine at 375,000 gold, or the Galleon for a whopping 500,000 gold. You can own one of each ship type, but have a chance to add more to your fleet later. Customizations are saved on your ship, as is damage like cannon ball holes and fire. You can clean your ship up at the shipwright for a small fee.

A captain’s life for me

Having a ship also means being able to decorate the insides. Decorations like paintings, trinkets, rugs, chandeliers, and more can be customized to your heart’s content. You can even match them with themes, as seen in the footage above with the burnt Ashen look. Getting into fights also apparently knocks some decorations around, which might play hell on those with a compulsive disorder.

The Sea of Thieves Season Seven video covers more than ship prices and decorations, of course. It goes into the Captain’s Log, which records the history of your journeys and lists special accolades you’ve achieved. Naturally, it, like a faction flag, can be stolen by thieving enemies and sold to the Reapers. So, keep it safe. The video also goes over another boon for captains: the Sovereign Faction, which owns a tent that’ll buy off all treasures so you can get back to sailing in little time.

Sea of Thieves Season Seven sets sail on August 4.

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