Shadow Warrior 3 Gameplay

Devolver Digital and developer Flying Wild Hog were kind enough to drop a new gameplay trailer for Shadow Warrior 3 today. The footage shows off 17 minutes of sword-slicing, blood-spewing action in an ancient, Chinese-style setting, built alongside cliffs. Way to Motoko focuses on a small chapter in the story and shows off some enemies, as well as how to defeat them.

The trailer opens with a short cutscene of protagonist Lo Wang and his sidekick Orochi Zilla traveling along a road high in the mountains. They briefly discuss their purpose there before a magical mask makes Orochi disappear and Wang is forced to find him. The footage then transitions straight into gameplay and continues to feed the player info as the mission progresses. 

Shadow Warrior 3 is blood, doom, and one-liners

“Way to Motoko” is a good representation of the overarching story. Armed with a mix of blades and bullets, Lo Wang and Zilla must track down a dangerous dragon they accidentally unleashed. The pair travel to uncharted parts where corrupted enemies stand in the way of their quest to save the world. Despite looming doom, it’s still not enough to break Wang’s spirit. The character carries a big bag of jokes and one-liners every step of the way, and he’s not afraid to use them. This is a Devolver game, after all.  

The setting itself is downright gorgeous and features traditional Chinese architecture, along with equally impressive terrain. The enemies in the trailer look detailed too, though viewers may notice a lack of subtype variety in some cases. The fast pacing of combat should keep attention away from that though, as there are special ways to vanquish foes. Players who learn to Shaolin-flow, can turn combat into an art form in Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3 Boss way to motoko gameplay wang

The game comes complete with gorilla demons and plenty more unique enemies to cut down and insult afterwards.

As previously mentioned, swords and guns are the staple weapons for Wang, but the environments are of equal importance. Wang can force push enemies off of ledges, impale them, or cause other environmental destruction to work in his favor. The game evokes a sense of Doom-style action, but with an Asian flare. Players move and attack very quickly and can even rip body parts off of enemies. The combat looks very entertaining, so as long as there’s good mission design to go along with it, Shadow Warrior 3 should provide good replay value. We’re very excited to see more of this game as it nears its 2021 release date. Shadow Warrior 3 will be available on Steam

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