Total War Warhammer Ii Warhammer 2 Sisters Of Twilight Guide

The Sisters of Twilight, twin maidens Naestra and Arahan, join the roster as part of Total War: Warhammer II – The Twisted & The Twilight. Here’s our campaign guide to help you out.

Note: This guide is based on a Vortex campaign playthrough on VH/VH difficulty. For more information, check out our Total War: Warhammer II – The Twisted & The Twilight guides and features hub.


Total War: Warhammer II – Sisters of Twilight campaign guide

I’ve split up the campaign guide for the Sisters of Twilight into multiple parts. You can refer to the page below for the mechanics that you need help with:

  • I. Campaign basics – The starting location, units, skills, and victory conditions of the Sisters of Twilight.
  • II. How to Awaken Ariel – While you’re healing the Witchwood, you’ll get a chance to awaken Ariel, a demi-goddess and the avatar of Isha, and she becomes a legendary hero in your army.
  • III. The Wood Elves rework – Given that the Sisters of Twilight make use of the massive overhaul to the Wood Elves faction, we delve into the changes you’ll experience. We’ll discuss healing magical forests, heathlands, Deeproots traversal, Amber and technology changes, and more.
  • IV. The Forge of Daith – The celebrated Elven smith provides the twins with many magical items that can be upgraded and reforged.
  • V. How to obtain Ceithin-Har – This legendary forest dragon can become a mount or a summon for Naestra and Arahan.
  • VI. The final battle in the Witchwood – Ariel attempts to repel Chaos through a ritual, but Throt the Unclean is out for her blood.

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