Starfield main mission list, explained

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It’s very easy to go off on a tangent in Starfield. One minute you’re off to search for an artifact with Constellation, and before you know it, you’ve wound up in the custody of a government operation that wants you to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet for them. Fortunately, Starfield has plenty of things for you to do, but the high level of freedom and choose-your-own-adventure aspects of the story make it very easy to get distracted from the main quests. But don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered.

If you’re wondering what the main missions are, what future missions await a humble space explorer like you, or you’re just curious how long Starfield’s main campaign is, rest assured we’ve got the full scoop. Below you can find all about Starfield’s main story missions.

How many main story missions are in Starfield?

New Atlantis City in Starfield

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Starfield boasts a total of 20 main missions which kick off with “One Small Step” and finally culminate poetically in “One Giant Leap”. The overarching plot of these missions, without spoiling anything, is to search for and gather a number of mysterious artifacts along with Constellation, a group of space explorers.

But it’s not that simple of course, as along the way you’ll get into a few hijinks and odd situations here and there. The number of missions may seem small for such a large game as Starfield but that’s actually because each of these missions is broken up into many objectives that are like missions of their own. In total, the main missions of Starfield should take around about 20 hours or so to complete, if you skip all of the side quests and extra things like outpost building. Here are the main missions of Starfield, in order:

  1. One Small Step
  2. The Old Neighborhood
  3. The Empty Nest
  4. Back to Vectera
  5. Into the Unknown
  6. Power From Beyond
  7. All That Money Can Buy
  8. Starborn
  9. Further into the Unknown
  10. Short Sighted
  11. No Sudden Moves
  12. High Price to Pay
  13. Unity
  14. In Their Footsteps
  15. Unearthed
  16. Final Glimpses
  17. Missed Beyond Measure
  18. Entangled
  19. Revelation
  20. One Giant Leap

Note: The “Power From Beyond” quest is entirely optional, but ties into the overarching story.

This should give you an idea of where you are in the story. Apart from the main storyline, there are several side quests and faction missions to keep you entertained in Starfield, so don’t worry if you reach the end of the plot, space sailor! We have guides for the missions and rewards in the Freestar Ranger, Ryujin Industries, UC Vanguard, and Crimson Fleet faction questlines too if you want to check those out.

Starfield is available for Xbox and PC.

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