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Age of Wonders 3 Preview

Update: Triumph Studios have mentioned that they’re looking for an alternate system for the Play by Email mode, so this won’t be supported at launch. Playing over LAN’s aren’ supported but still possible like the…

By: David Reid

18 minutes of Age of Wonders 3 footage released

18 minutes of Age of Wonders 3 footage released

If you’re curious about how Age of Wonders 3 is going, then this new video from Triumph Studios might be of interest to you. This particular video offers 18 minutes of a game, showing off…

By: Tim McDonald

Age of Wonders 3 conjures up a Sorcerer class leader

I’ve (sadly) not played the previous Age of Wonders titles, but “RPG-style class-based character building” is apparently something the third one will be introducing to the venerable strategy series. To that end, players will choose…

By: Peter Parrish

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