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Thief UI customisation system Garrett-ees a good time

It finally happened, a decision made about Thief by Eidos Montreal that I can’t complain about too much. In the latest ‘Stealing Time’ podcast thing in which the developers interview themselves (no, I don’t understand…

By: Peter Parrish

Not a Keeper: Thief ditches unpopular XP system

In one of those amazingly hard-hitting ‘community’ interviews, during which a developer or publisher interviews … err .. itself, the Thief team has mentioned that the XP system planned for the game has now been…

By: Peter Parrish

New Deus Ex game being developed for PC

Rejoice: there’s a new Deus Ex game coming from Eidos Montreal, and it’s not an iOS game. A blog post by David Anfossi, the new head of Eidos Montreal, notes that “we are already into…

By: Tim McDonald

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