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Europa Universalis IV

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Latest Europa Universalis IV Updates

Latest Humble Bundle is a Paradox

The latest Humble Bundle is all about Paradox games, offering everything from Magicka to Europa Universalis 4. Naturally, it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend, so let’s look at the obligatory Humble…

By: Tim McDonald

Europa Universalis IV El Dorado DLC Review

This fifth expansion for the indomitable Europa Universalis IV is a dangerous one for those of us who are easily paralysed by indecision. If you often find yourself drifting around the game’s country selection screen,…

By: Peter Parrish

Europa Universalis IV El Dorado expansion announced

Europa Universalis IV El Dorado expansion announced

The conquest of South America and Central America awaits strategy fans. Paradox continue their Europa Universalis IV expansion run with the new El Dorado update. The main new feature added is a Nation Designer giving players the…

By: Paul Younger

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