Watch Dogs will not have Microtransactions, plus new details

The Watch Dogs release date of May 27th is not so far away now, and as the release date approaches, we’ve been given some more info by developer Ubisoft. In an interview with DualShockers via Twitter, Creative Director Jonathan Morin teased some new features that will be in the game and answered some burning questions.

The first question was about whether or not Watch Dogs would feature the dreaded Microtransactions which Morin was quick to deny saying, “NO! We don’t use this to advance faster or any of that. This just doesn’t fit at all with WD. So no Free-to-Play model here.”

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Alien: Isolation will NOT have microtransactions

In an interview with Examiner, Jonathan Court, Senior Producer at Creative Assembly, was quick to confirm that Alien: Isolation will not include any microtransactions. When asked about microtransactions, Court gave a simple “no”. Sounds good to us.

Court also explained just how important Ridley Scott’s original Alien is to the game and how he hopes the game will reflect that influence. “We wanted to capture the pace and atmosphere from the original Alien movie” said Court.  “It had such an impact on us,” he added, “that when given the chance to make an Alien game we leapt at it and knew precisely the approach we wanted to take”.

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