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Last week was a mixed bag for the Temtem Weekly Reset with plenty of players moaning about the Saipark. But this week is one of the best ones yet if you’re a Luma hunter. Even if you’re not, you can get a stylish cosmetic hairdo from the FreeTem! Organization. If you catch and release 300 Temtem during this Weekly Reset, FreeTem will reward you with Airship Engineer Goggles. As for the Saipark, you have an increased chance of encountering a Luma Mushi and Adoroboros. The Temtem Weekly Reset for this week runs from March 16 to 22. You better get to it because there’s a lot to do.

Temtem Weekly Reset March 16 22 Airship Engineer Goggles

FreeTem Reward

The Airship Engineer Goggles are (in my opinion) one of the coolest hairstyles in Temtem. FreeTem appears to agree with me because you’re going to need to catch and release a whopping 300 Temtem to get your hands on them. That’s equal to the highest number of releases FreeTem has required in previous weeks.

It may seem like a lot for an item that just changes your hair, but cosmetics in Temtem are expensive. Crema has said in the past that it’s because it considers cosmetics part of the endgame. The Airship Engineer Goggles would ordinarily cost you 26,999 Pansuns to purchase.

Weekly Saipark Temtem

Temtem Saipark cost Luma encounters endgame content

The Saipark is the place to be this week if you’re hoping to catch a Luma.

The Saipark has had a couple of decent Luma-hunting weeks in the past. But this week is the best one the game has had yet, in terms of odds. In the Saipark this week, your chances of encountering a Luma Mushi are three times better than normal. Plus, you have double the chance of encountering a Luma Adoroboros. The chances of either of these Temtem having an egg move is 10%. It’s nice, but not worth holding out for.

The three-times multiplier on your chances to encounter a Mushi are the best odds the Saipark, and Temtem, have ever had. It’s a 1/2,666 chance. While still a long shot, I suspect even people who aren’t Luma hunters will be tempted to spend a few hours trying to snag a Luma Mushi this week. That’s where you’ll find me once I’ve caught and released my 300 Temtem for the FreeTem reward.

As always, if you need any other assistance with your Temtem journey, you can check out our numerous guides on our guides hub.

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