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The developers behind The Division 2 casually let slip the existence of an open beta for the game yesterday. In the hours proceeding the confirmation, we’ve been waiting to hear just when the open beta will in fact be available. Earlier today, Ubisoft announced that the open beta will be available beginning on March 1.

It’s unknown if the open beta slip was even actually a mistake of a loose tongue. The private beta for The Division 2 ended just yesterday. There’s a good chance it was done as a bit of a teaser for the reveal today. But who really knows? What we do know is that the beta will go live from March 1 to March 4 on PC. If you weren’t able to break into the private beta, this will be your best chance.

The Division 2 Private Beta Photo Mode Downtown

Washington Disconnect

We expect the open beta to be similar to that of the playtest we had this last weekend. However, we also hope that Ubisoft will have filed off all the rough edges. In our first impressions of The Division 2 during the private beta, we had some issues staying in the game. Thankfully, a server patch did appear to help.

Other than that little problem, the game had a mix of highs and lows. The Division 2 ran wonderfully. Even with the server problems, the game rarely had moments of graphical slowdown or hitches. We did, however, have some complaints regarding the looting system, as well as the controls. In particular, the parkour controls seemed to be a tad finicky.

We also wrote about the endgame content featured during the beta. Rare for betas, The Division 2 playtest included an endgame mission. It offered you a max-leveled character with high-level gear to take on the Black Tusk. But even with our decked-out agent, a lot of the battles became tedious fights against walking bullet sponges. Granted, that is somewhat par for the course in The Division. I played the original game back in 2016, and I certainly remember pumping hundreds of rounds into enemies that ate damage for breakfast.

The Division 2 might not be for everyone, but you can find out if it’s up your alley next month. Ubisoft has said that more information on the open beta will be available soon.

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