Apex Legends Stories From The Outlands The Endorsement Rampart

Respawn Entertainment is slowly building a narrative surrounding its battle royale, Apex Legends. It’s using Stories from the Outlands to reveal more information about the Legends, how they relate to one another, and how each one came to join the Apex Games. The latest edition of Apex Legends Stories from the Outlands deals with the backstory of Rampart, and reveals the endorsement she receives from an old Titanfall character.

When Respawn first unveiled Rampart, we were told she is master modder who made a name for herself in underground fight clubs. In her Story from the Outlands, we learn that Rampart owned a weapons shop at some point. She was also friends with Bangalore and Gibraltar before joining the Apex Games. She made some enemies in her past – one of who might be her sister or simply someone she refers to as “big sister”. Then, out of nowhere, it’s revealed that Blisk is the person who invited Rampart to the Apex Games.

Future Legends

In every Apex Legends Stories from the Outlands video, there are always characters who are nameless thugs and ones that are potentially future Legends. In Rampart’s story, the five thugs who first stroll into her shop most likely fall into the former category. The character she refers to as “big sister” on the other hand, could have the makings of a Legend.

She has a strikingly unique look, and her story is clearly entwined in Rampart’s past. It’s similar to how Respawn interconnected Loba and Revenant’s stories. The mysterious character referred to as “big sister” also shows off a potential ability, summoning a robot to fire at her enemies.

Apex Legends Rampart Blisk

Kuben Blisk.

The other character in the video that is almost certainly going to be an agent in the future is the old South African man who strolls into the shop at the end. His name is Kuben Blisk and Titanfall fans will recognize him as the leader of an infamous group of freelance Pilots, known as the Apex Predators. Cue big reveal noise. Is it possible Blisk is one of the founders of the Apex Games? Even the sole founder? We’ll have to wait for the arrival of the next Apex Legends season and the introduction of Rampart to find out more.

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