Upcoming Steam Sales Apparently Leaked

Upcoming Steam Sales Apparently Leaked

Three upcoming Steam sales apparent to have leaked this morning. The leaks were posted by Twitter user SkrSkrGVNG, who doesn’t seem to care much for disclosure. In his post, he shows dates for upcoming Holiday sales, including start and end dates and times.

There are three sales coming up, according to the leak. The first two are the Steam Winter and Autumn sales, followed by the Halloween sale. Steam’s Halloween sale will start off the circus of value, beginning on October 29 and running to November 1. Starting on November 21 is the Autumn sale, which ends on November 27. Bringing up the rear is the Winter sale, which goes from December 20 to January 3, 2019.

Whaddya Buyin’?

We have reason to believe the validity of the leaks. After all, the three sales have made an appearance on Steam before, and they’re always around the times posted in the leak. Last year, the Halloween sale, offering discounts on many spooky games, began October 26, 2017. The Autumn sale, which is typically Steam’s take on Black Friday, began on November 22 last year. With it, we saw varying discounts on games like XCOM 2, Prey, and Nier: Automata.

This year should also be rewarding to those with no respect for their poor wallets. Games like Dead Cells, Yakuza 0, and Monster Hunter: World have taken PC gaming in 2018 by storm. Naturally, those who decided to wait for some of these great games to go on sale should have their patience rewarded soon.

Yakuza 0
It’s nearly time, Kiryu.

However, games that have released just recently may not see more than a small percentage taken off. Games such as Soulcalibur VI and Valkyria Chronicles 4 are unlikely to benefit much from these Steam sales. Still, there’s nothing wrong with being a little hopeful.

It’s unknown as of yet if the dates leaked are true, but we won’t have long until we find out. We’ll keep you posted on any changes.

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  • Cam Woolsey

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    • Evan Lazer

      not buying anything really steam mostly gets shovelware or shitware it’s the grave yard now for the triple A games when they have slowed on sales from the games actual websites game dev companies have finally gotten smart and are turning they’re back on steam and rightfully so why give a company a good chunk of your money when you can sell it yourself just think of all the wonderful games we will be playing thanks to steam not taking a chunk it’s going to be a wonderful future for pc gaming steam just sits there and soaks up money and doesn’t even make us games anymore fuck steam long live the revolution

      • Joseph Long

        I love Steam … I refuse to use portals like Origin (EA), Battle.net (Blizzard/Act), besides that some of the best games are made by Valve (Steam) … Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, Dota, Portal, and not to mention Artifact I can’t wait to play Nov. 28

        I’m a huge card game fan MTG (sick of now), and feel like Artifact will change the Genre for the better !

        Sure Valve gets a cut from owning the platform but think of cost exchange, by being on and advertised by the platform the developers have a much larger audience exposure which in case of good games means more sales and word of mouth via the community.

        Sorry to say this but your revolution will never get the tea off the boat let alone hurt Steam.

    • Freeman4096

      yet another 90 percent off Valve games that everybody and their mom already owns. Also mild discount on games that are overpriced in the first place, due to greedy 30 percent fee that devs pay to Valve.

    • almoniker

      These dates aren’t exactly news to anyone.