Wasteland 3 Angela Deth

That very important Wasteland 3 character — the one I couldn’t spoil early on — is none other than Angela Deth. After dealing with Valor Buchanan in Denver and Victory Buchanan in Aspen, you’ll finally meet her.

Note: Please be reminded that this guide will have major spoilers. For more locations or quests, you can head back to our walkthrough’s main page. Alternatively, you can check our Wasteland 3 guides and features hub.

Wasteland 3: Hello, Angela Deth

After finishing up with Aspen and reaching the world map, you’ll get a radio transmission from Angela Deth. She tells you to head back to Ranger HQ.

Once you’ve made your way there, check out the garage. The Cotter boys are now selling the Dominator Chassis which has Radiation Resistance 3. This will let you travel all over Wasteland 3‘s map in your Kodiak without ever getting damaged by radiation.

Wasteland 3 Angela Deth 1

Next, check the central control room to meet Connie Zeng (the husband of Jason Zeng from Wasteland 2). She tells you that Angela Deth is waiting in Hoon Homestead (at least in my playthrough).

Wasteland 3 Angela Deth 2

Before you could go there, Ranger HQ gets attacked by the Scar Collectors. Watch as your recruits and defense systems plug them full of holes. Pick up your loot and head to Hoon Homestead now.

Inside the house, an operative will tell you to get ready. Angela Deth will arrive and praise you for helping out the Hoons earlier (assuming you did). First Aid 4 also lets you talk about her wounds.

Wasteland 3 Angela Deth 3

Before she could finish talking, however, the Scar Collectors invade.

Wasteland 3 Angela Deth 4

This is a special encounter that’s sure to be a treat for long-time Wasteland fans. That’s because Angela’s team has none other than Pistol Pete, Brother Thomas, and Takayuki, Ranger recruits from the previous game.

I can’t stress enough how wide my grin was when I saw Pistol Pete critting with his handgun, Brother Thomas healing a wounded ally before blasting an opponent, and Takayuki using a mallet to smash someone’s head.

Wsl3 Wlk 12a 1

Once the Scar Collectors are dead, Angela tells you of her plans. You need to bring Ironclad Cordite to Yuma County so he can take control of the gangs. Then, you should eliminate Liberty Buchanan so she no longer poses a threat. After this, you’ll take the fight to the Patriarch so that the Rangers can administer Colorado.

Wsl3 Wlk 12a 2

This won’t bode well for some of your companions like Lucia or Marshal Kwon, but they’ll stick around with you for now.

In any case, you’ll want to head for Yuma County Speedway at the southeast corner of Wasteland 3‘s world map. Make sure the Kodiak has the Dominator Chassis so you can reach the destination without issues.

Wsl3 Wlk 12a 3

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