Where to find the Halo Easter egg in the Eridani system in Starfield

Starfield Eridani Ii Planet Viewed From Asteroid Belt
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Starfield is a game set within a sprawling galaxy in space, but it’s not the first one to tackle such a setting. Many other games from other publishers have ventured beyond Earth’s atmosphere, including the popular Halo series. Now, players have found what appears to be a reference of sorts to an entry in that popular franchise. Here is our guide telling you where to find the Halo Easter egg in the Eridani system in Starfield.

Starfield – where to find the Halo Easter egg in the Eridani system

Halo has been around long enough to see numerous entries, and different fans have their own favorites. I’ve mostly played the earlier games in the series, myself. My favorite entry is the not-always-popular Halo Reach, which happens to be the one that Starfield’s developers saw fit to reference. To find the Halo Easter egg in the Eridani system, set your course for Eridani II.

Starfield Eridani System On Starmap

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Eridani system is located to the lower left from the Alpha Centauri system on the Starmap. If you zoom out a bit, you can see it on the same screen quite easily (see the above screenshot). It’s a level-20 system, meaning you can safely explore it even fairly early in the campaign. Save the more challenging locations for a bit later.

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When you arrive at the Eridani system, look for Eridani II. It is positioned to the lower right of the system’s star. For me, the planet started out with two visible attractions: a Mining Outpost and an Abandoned Farm. My own initial arrival triggered a space battle in an asteroid belt. That battle ended by adding Spaceship Debris to the planet surface, but the enemy presence could just be my personal bad luck.

Starfield Eridani Ii Planet Surface Exploration

Screenshot: PC Invasion

When you land on Eridani II, take a moment to look around. The planet is reminiscent of one you explore in Halo Reach. The atmosphere consists of standard O2, the magnetosphere is average, and there’s a moderate amount of fauna and flora with safe water. Resources include Gold, Cobalt, and Nickel, among others. I suggest making Eridani II one of the first planets you survey completely, even if you don’t care about the Halo Easter egg. Who knows? You might even be able to sell the survey data to Phil Hill.

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