Most fun class to play in Diablo 4

What is the most fun class in Diablo 4?

What is fun in a game? This is a question that studios have been asking themselves for years, each one coming up with varying levels of success. Blizzard has created a fantastic IP through Diablo that has something enjoyable for everyone who’s a fan of the RPG genre.

Each different class has enough variety in Diablo that no matter your play style, you’ll find something fun. I have my opinions on what I enjoy, and I have an embarrassingly long playtime in Diablo games. So, here is what I think about each Diablo 4 class and what playstyle would find each the most fun.

Which class is the most fun in Diablo 4?

Fun is subjective. Everyone enjoys something different. I have a friend who has completed so many levels of Candy Crush it makes my mind boggle, but that’s what they enjoy, so who am I to judge? Each class in Diablo 4 can be enjoyed by anyone, but their design makes each suited to different playstyles. Rather than a ranking system, this is my list of who I find the most fun in Diablo 4. If you’re looking for our Diablo 4 class tier list, check our guide here.

#1 Barbarian

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It’s the Barbarian. Smash everything, shout at everything, DESTROY EVERYTHING. I used to love playing the Barbarian as a younger person, and I think I still do as an old person. The Barbarian is just good old fashion fun in my book, and the class is still just as fun in Diablo 4. Being able to smash your way through the demonic hoards with four massive weapons just feels so damn good.

This class is fun for a lot of reasons. Building up rage with a well-timed roar and then literally leaping into battle and whirlwind your hammer through a crowd is unmatched. It feels good, and it looks great. Playing as a Barbarian will mean you get kicked around a bit, but you can make that work in your favor with the right builds. I enjoy the feeling of being tanky enough not to have to constantly watch my health gauge, especially when it can replenish itself through wonton destruction.

As a Barbarian class, it is fun to get right into the middle of the melee and focus on the boss. With a clever Thorns build, your solid body can become a weapon when hit. Your Thorn defense will pulverize every little grunt that takes a swing, allowing you to do what you do best: smash.

I love playing Barbarian when all I want to do is turn everything into demonic Páte, which is all the time. The Barbarian gets my vote for the most fun class to play in Diablo 4. Call me uncultured, I don’t care. Tanky destruction is my thing, and I’m not afraid to show it.

#2 Sorcerer

What is the most fun class in Diablo 4?

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According to this Tweet, the Sorcerer/Sorceress is the most commonly played class, and rightly so. It was the first class I gravitated to. They are an absolute damage factory, causing massive area of effect devastation and damage over time that brings crowds to their knees. I think their moves look amazing, using the elements to light up my screen with fire, ice, and lightning. The problem is, I found that moves do start to get a little samey, and I ended up feeling they really didn’t have that much weight to them. The screen is full of carnage, sure, but it doesn’t really have the ‘impact.’

A sorcerer/ess is a perfect class for the solo player or one who just wants to hold the power of nature in their hands. They can run alone or with a pack but be prepared to be constantly mana juggling. There is no doubt in my mind that locking enemies within the constricting grasp of a fiery dragon isn’t fun, though. It was a tough contest as to who to put in first place, but the sorcerer just didn’t quite make the cut for me.

#3 Druid

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Druids are the Swiss army knife of Diablo 4’s classes. They can play at range, and they can spar toe-to-toe. Playing as a Druid gives so much range making them the perfect fun class for the undecided player. I can never commit to a playstyle, which makes Diablo 4’s respeccing system amazing and makes the Druid perfect. If I am bored with obliterating enemies as a bear or wolf, I can respec, step back, and start rolling boulders over them instead. 

The Druid is great for a player who wants to constantly switch it up. This works if you like to play with various different parties because you can model yourself on their gaps. Being able to change talents like this is ideal for solo play and team-based work, just like the Sorcerer. 

The spirit levels are the main problem I found playing as a Druid class in Diablo 4. Many skills use a lot of it up, and the cool-down times felt rather long. Thankfully, there are a lot of Aspects out there that kept my spirits high. The lack of full commitment is both a boon and a bonus in my book, which lands the barbarian right in the middle of my fun class list for Diablo 4.

#4 Necromancer

What is the most fun class in Diablo 4?

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I have seen so many Necromancers in Diablo 4. They’re always strolling around with their entourage of the undead, thinking they’re all that. They kind of are, though, and I have enjoyed playing the class in Diablo 4 very much. Obviously, channeling the undead as your faithful minions or turning them into an infectious, explosive mist is great fun. The Necromancer class has been considered overpowered by a lot of players, and the slight nerf since the beta did little to change that.

I think the problem lies with playing solo as a Necromancer class in Diablo 4. Although fun, I had to rely heavily on the dead for my build and playstyle. This made playing alone a bit of a chore, as often, bosses will end up with no minions. This leaves my necro alone, scared, and very vulnerable. Therefore, the necromancer as a solo class isn’t all that fun. I find they quickly become overpowered and susceptible to being mashed. 

However, if drip is your thing, and if you’re playing Diablo 4, it should be, The Necromancer is fly as hell. The bone and metal looks of many of their outfits are so damn cool and win my vote for best looking on the battlefield, just behind Sorcerer. Fashion is always fun in Diablo 4, but not enough to make me want to keep coming back for more. 

#5 Rogue

What is the most fun class in Diablo 4?

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Rogue is the class least seen in Diablo 4, and for a few specific reasons. They don’t bring much to the table concerning visual gravitas both on the ground and in the changing rooms. Although Rogue has some attractive skill trees and fun moves, they’re not exactly a wild time in the game. I can find teleporting around exciting. Becoming invisible and striking from the shadows with rapid stabs feels great, but stealth has never really been my thing. Loud and proud do it for me every time.

Rogues are perfect for players who like to play with a party. They can compliment the brash aggressiveness of a Barbarian by using their Smoke Grenade to blind. Equipping traps will also keep the enemies immobile for heavy hitters to bring the pain. This is a fun class in Diablo 4 for the rapid, ranged warrior, which is not for me, I’m afraid. I fat finger everything and have all the grace and decorum of a dump truck.

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