Yellowstone gets bigger in the Montana DLC for American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator Pc Montana Dlc Yellowstone Wip 1 (copy)

SCS showed off more of the upcoming Montana map expansion for American Truck Simulator earlier this week and more recently revealed that this new expansion will also bring some new vistas to the incredibly scenic Yellowstone National Park. In addition, the Montana map will also include some challenging new Special Transport routes. This has been the case with other past expansions, as well.

Yellowstone was already a locale in the previous Wyoming map expansion, but the park is large enough that it extends into Montana. Thus, SCS has created more of the park, making it another visitable location in the new expansion. This is done by driving along US-191, which starts in Wyoming and goes through West Yellowstone village into Bozeman, Montana.


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With this route now expanded, the team hopes to eventually have the entirety of Yellowstone National Park represented in American Truck Simulator. As for the new Special Transport routes, they consist of jobs from Havre to Lewiston, Thompson Falls to Kalispell, Laurel to Glendive, and Butte to Bozeman. Some of the jobs shown off so far involve transporting the fuselage of a large helicopter and a very wide and tall silo, among other returning cargo loads.

American Truck Simulator Pc Montana Dlc Special Transport Wip 1 (copy)

The Montana map expansion for American Truck Simulator will feature 15 named cities and dozens upon dozens of new roads that span across the large, northwestern state.

SCS has faithfully recreated Montana in the sim to capture the state’s big emphasis on agriculture and other heavy industries. Players can also look forward to experiencing a wealth of natural sights, such as the Glacier National Park, in addition to the aforementioned new area of Yellowstone National Park, among a lot of other landmarks.

The new network of country roads will finally open up in American Truck Simulator on August 4.

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