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September 2, 2014

Seven Dragon Saga aims to be a modern Gold Box RPG

If you’re of an age where you fondly remember SSI’s Gold Box series of RPGs, you might want to pay attention to Seven Dragon Saga. Seven Dragon Saga is a forthcoming RPG being developed by…

August 22, 2014

After Reset sci-fi post apocalyptic RPG is funded

Inspired by Fallout 1&2, Baldur’s Gate and Planescape:Torment. After Reset is funded. Black Cloud Studios has smashed their funding goal out the park reaching $94,892 of the $35,000 they were looking for. Richard Nixon, who is…

July 21, 2014

The sci-fi post-apocalyptic RPG After Reset is funded

In a week where there’s been all kinds of Kickstarter controversy, there’s good news for RPG fans as After Reset easily makes its funding goal. When Black Could Studio pulled their Kickstater last year it was…

June 13, 2014

ARPG Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms hits Steam Early Access

ARPG Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms hits Steam Early Access

The ARPG is proving as popular as ever and bitComposer and Games Farm’s Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms has now hit Steam Early Access. The game is available now with an additional discount in the first week…