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Arma 3 video shows off machine gun teams

Aimed at anyone with an interest in tactical gameplay, the video covers some of the basic principles behind gunnery and target engagement, positioning on the battlefield, suppression techniques, and the separate roles in a machine…

By: Elly Davis

Arma 3’s Marksmen DLC shoots onto Steam

The Arma 3 Marksmen DLC, and its associated free platform update, have taken up firing positions on Steam. “Free platform update” doesn’t quite do it justice, since the “free” part of this update completely reworks…

By: Tim McDonald

Arma 3’s Marksmen DLC coming 8 April

Man-shooting simulator Arma 3 will be getting its infantry-focused Marksmen DLC – as well as a free platform update – on 8 April. The Marksmen DLC is the “big” thing, insofar as it’s the bit…

By: Tim McDonald

Arma 3 is free to play this weekend

If you fancy giving soldier sim Arma 3 a try without paying for it, you can do so on Steam this weekend. And, er, that’s basically the entire news story. Oh! It’s worth noting that Arma…

By: Tim McDonald

Arma 3’s Helicopters DLC dated for November

Arma 3‘s second piece of premium DLC, Arma 3 Helicopters, will be lifting off on 4 November. Arma 3 Helicopters introduces a pair of heavy-lift helicopters: the CH-67 Huron and the Mi-290 Taru, both of…

By: Tim McDonald

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