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Grid Autosport video showcases Endurance races

Another Grid Autosport video has popped up online, this time focusing on the Endurance discipline. Endurance races support up to 16 cars offline and 12 online, with a focus on extremely lengthy night races. Expect…

By: Tim McDonald

Grid Autosport video talks Touring Car racing

A new trailer for Grid Autosport has been released, and this one focuses on the “aggressive, fast” Touring Car racing discipline. I know basically nothing at all about cars, motorsport, autosport, driving, or racing, so…

By: Tim McDonald

Dirt 4 teased again by Codemasters

We’re pretty much at the point where a Dirt 4 announcement is coming sooner rather than later from Codemasters. Today, the official Dirt twitter account put up the following message: Happy Valentine's Day DiRT Fans….

By: Peter Parrish

F1 2013 Review

Final race diary of Bruno PuntzJones (deceased.) Lap One: The grid. That’s where F1 2013 truly starts. Qualification orders the contenders, but the race will make them. My name is Bruno PuntzJones. I’m a full-time Formula…

By: Peter Parrish

IncGamers Plays F1 2013 multiplayer

While Peter polishes up his review for this week, he and I decided to do some laps in the F1 2013 multiplayer. After farting around off-camera with all the driving assists switched off, we decided…

By: Paul Younger

F1 2013 PC Preview

It may be time for the State of Washington to revoke my driver’s license. After spending a few hours with Codemasters’ F1 2013 it’s painfully clear to me that I’m both unable to drive and…

By: Peter Parrish

Monza, mate: Another hot lap of F1 2013

It’s nice to know that there are people out there who can actually play F1 2013 properly. I’m currently in possession of a preview build and can exclusively reveal that my driving is somewhat inferior…

By: Peter Parrish

Hot stuff: F1 2013 races a hotlap

F1 classic cars and drivers are coming to F1 2013 and a new video from Codemasters shows a hot lap around Jerez. Some handy racing tip commentary for all F1 enthusiasts is also included just for…

By: Paul Younger

Pimp your ride: GRID 2’s mod support detailed

Codemasters have announced that mod support will be added to their arcade-y but simulator-y racing game GRID 2 in the forthcoming Community Patch. Previously, mods were somewhat pointless because of anti-cheating measures: modified game files…

By: Tim McDonald

Grid 2 Review

Let’s start with a quiz: are you a car nut, dear reader? Are you the sort of person who worries about torque and centre-of-mass and how many valves it has and all sorts of other…

By: Tim McDonald

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