Best ways to make money in Coral Island

Best Ways To Make Money In Coral Island
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One of the most important things to do in Coral Island is make money, so what are the best ways? The more Coral coins you earn, the more stuff you can purchase.

There are a plethora of things in Coral Island that cost money, and some things are incredibly expensive. If you’re struggling to make money in your first year, here are some tips.

Coral Island: Best ways to make money fast

Best ways to make money in Coral Island
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Sell Artifacts/Gems

Some of the most expensive items in Coral Island are Museum Artifacts and Gems. I think it’s most important to donate a new Artifact to the Museum first. But if you find an Artifact from a Coffer that you’ve already donated, sell it for a few hundred Coral coins.

Gems are also pretty pricey, and you can find them throughout Caverns and by opening Geodes. Depending on the Gem, you can earn quite a lot of money, so pillage the mines and go diving often to find Coffers and Geodes.

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Grow quality and profitable crops

Your best money maker is your crops. Although you don’t start with a ton of money, the more crops you grow, the more money you’ll start to make each season. Luckily, we already have a guide on the best crops in Coral Island, which will tell you the most profitable crops to grow.

Not only should you choose your crops carefully, but you need to try and grow high-quality crops. Start with Bronze quality vegetables and fruit by upgrading seeds at the Lab, or purchasing/crafting Fertilizer. All of this will heighten the chances of you growing better-quality crops, which sell for a lot more.

Best ways to make money in Coral Island

Win festival minigames

This tip is a bit different than the rest because festivals and events only happen a couple times each Season. But if you engage in the Cherry Blossom Festival for example, you can try to win the Balap Karung minigame for Coral coins as apart of your prizes.

But there are other events like the Tree Planting Festival which don’t allow you to play any minigames for prizes. Otherwise, since you can replay these minigames, there’s always a chance for a win. Don’t finish an event without getting that first place prize!

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How To Get A Fishing Pole Coral Island
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Sell bugs and fish

Other great things to sell to make some money are bugs and fish. As soon as you unlock the Fishing Pole and Bug Net, you have free reign over catching these critters. After you’ve donated the bugs and fish to the Museum, sell the rest of them to make a bit of extra cash.

Depending on the rarity of the fish or bug, you can earn more money upon selling them. If you notice that the bug or fish you’re trying to catch is difficult to get, that probably means it’s rare and worth a lot more money.

Best ways to make money in Coral Island
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Sell your ranch animal products

Other than growing crops, you’ll want to invest in Chicken Coops and other animal buildings to house creatures like cows, sheep, quails, and more. Each animal will have a type of animal product such as eggs, milk, wool, and the like.

If you take good care of your animals by keeping them fed and interacting with them daily, they’ll give you better quality animal products. The more animals you have, the more products you’ll receive daily. Purchasing the buildings and animals can be pricey, but it’s a worthwhile investment.

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