Best ways to upgrade Town Rank and earn Merit Points in Coral Island

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While playing through Coral Island, you’ll need to earn Merit Points to upgrade your Town Rank, but what are the best ways to do so?

Certain activities will give you Merit Points, and at a specific amount of Merit Points you’ll gain a new Town Rank. Here are some of the easiest ways to do this.

Coral Island: Fastest ways to increase Town Rank and earn Merit Points

At the start of your playthrough, your Town Rank is “F.” But if you continue to gain Merit Points, that rank can reach up to Town Rank “A.” The higher your Town Rank, the more crops and farm animals you’ll be able to purchase. Let’s dive right into the best ways to earn Merit Points and upgrade your Town Rank in Coral Island.

Best ways to upgrade Town Rank and earn Merit Points in Coral Island museum
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Donate to the Museum

If you donate Museum Artifacts, you’ll end up gaining a little bit of Merit Points. Although it’s only three points per Artifact, there are tons of Artifacts available to discover. With 78 Artifacts total, that gives you 234 points in total.

You’ll even get 50 more points after donating all Artifacts. It isn’t just Artifacts, though. For every fish, fossil, insect, gem, and ocean critter you donate, you’ll gain three points. You can imagine how many hundreds of points you’ll earn towards your Town Rank with Museum donations.

Best Ways To Upgrade Town Rank And Earn Merit Points In Coral Island Coral Sites
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Heal Coral Sites

Once you unlock the ability to dive, your objectives underwater are to heal the Coral Sites. Each Coral Site you heal earns you 10 points, and since there are 85, you’ll gain a total of 850 points from all of them.

There’s even a 100 point reward for healing all the Coral Sites, as well as a 50 point prize for healing the Ocean Temple. Coral Sites are super easy to heal, I usually manage to get two done per dive.

Best Ways To Upgrade Town Rank And Earn Merit Points In Coral Island Errands
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Completing Errands

Although Errands only come around from time to time, each Errand finished earns you 20 points. Not only can you complete Errands listed by the General Store, but there are Errands with the Band of Smiles as well.

Typically, Errands are easy tasks that have a local ask you to give them an item in a certain amount of time. The Band of Smiles Errands are usually for getting resources in the mines or slaying creatures.

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Best ways to upgrade Town Rank and earn Merit Points in Coral Island festival
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Participating in Festivals

There are multiple Festivals per year, usually a couple each season you can participate in. And with each time you participate or attend a Festival, you’ll actually gain a good amount of points. For example, attending the Cherry Blossom Festival gets you 40 points, and winning the potluck is worth 300.

Even the Tree Planting Festival can get you over 100 points, as well as the others throughout the year. Don’t ignore these festivals, and try to win the minigames and other activities.

How To Find The Lake Temple In Coral Island
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Completing Offerings

In total, there are 24 Lake Temple Offerings, and completing just one of the 24 bundles will get you 45 points. If you do the math, that’ll get you over 1,000 points for finishing all of the Offerings.

This is a difficult feat though, and it’ll probably take you over a year in-game to actually accomplish this. Nevertheless, the 45 points per Offering is a pretty good amount to receive once in awhile.

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