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It’s no secret that Biomutant didn’t have the smoothest launch. Players were suitably teased by the gorgeous-looking trailers released by Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic in the build-up to said launch. However, poor frame rates and the tedious story soon killed the excitement. Thankfully, the developer was quick to announce that Biomutant would get a post-launch patch to fix a bunch of issues.

The list of fixes and adjustments in the patch notes is long. I won’t bore you with every little bug that’s been bashed. Instead, let’s look at some of the items on the list that will improve your experience while playing the game.


One of the major issues with Biomutant is the pacing. It’s too slow. And not in just certain parts. It’s like that right from the get-go. Experiment 101 made some changes to the tutorial area and early parts of the game to improve this. Certain dialogues are now shorter, there are more enemies to battle, and loot is more readily available now. These last two changes are now more in line with how the gameplay feels down the road.

The narrator has also been given a talking to, and the amount of gibberish spoken before it starts translating has been reduced. There are now also settings that allow you to turn off the gibberish or the narrator entirely if you like.

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A major change to the loot system will make findable items now closer to the player’s level. You will still be able to find items with higher-level requirements, but nothing too far out of your reach. The number of healing items you can find has also been reduced throughout the game. Plus, common items will no longer drop from high-level loot crates.

Improved combat

The post-launch patch has also made some changes to the combat in Biomutant. As a result, the base damage of all melee bodies, handles, and add-ons has been increased by roughly 5%. Additionally, the base damage of ranged bodies, handles, and add-ons has been reduced by roughly the same amount. The range of melee attacks has also been increased to reduce misses.

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The damage multiplier from the Dead-Eye Sharpshooter has been reduced from 2.0 to 1.25. This is meant to bring the damage bonus from the perk in line with others. You’ll also find it easier to dodge enemy grabs, as the animations are now slower. You can now slide under the legs of titans. Plus, all Tribe Sifus and Lupa Lupin in the final encounter will now react more strongly to parries. This will allow you to get counterattacks in. Another improvement to pacing is that short combat scenarios will no longer have an end-of-combat slow-motion camera.

As mentioned, there are loads of other smaller issues that have been resolved. If a particular one bugged you, look for it in the patch notes.

For those who still want to jump into the world of Biomutant, the post-launch patch is probably a good time. If you do take the leap, check out our beginner tips to help yourself get going. We also have guides to help you navigate Biomutant‘s creative character creation, find more psi-points to unlock skills, and craft better gear.

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