Black Ops Cold War Patch Update

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season Three introduced a variety of new content across all modes. This includes the return of the Sticks and Stones game mode, additions to the Zombies Outbreak mode, and more. However, the content does not stop there. Recently, Treyarch rolled out a patch which adds a new playlist and addresses some bugs in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer and Zombies.

To begin, if you are a fan of Gunfight, the Gunfight tournaments have returned. This allows you to earn exclusive rewards and XP as you make your way thorough the tournament bracket. In addition, the new Diesel map now has a 6v6 playlist. The Diesel 24/7 playlist contains a mix of Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Domination, and Hardpoint.


Another key improvement in the Black Ops Cold War patch is the addition of ping information for players to see when searching for matches. This will give you insight into what your connection will be like in a match. Also, progress towards daily challenges, multiplayer challenges, and season challenges will be lost if you quit your multiplayer match. Therefore, you will now have to play out the match to the very end to hold on to the XP you have earned through completing a challenge.

Squashing bugs and providing more stability

In terms of challenges, an issue which previously caused progress to be hindered towards the Prepare and Survive challenge has been fixed. Another problem involving the new Swiss K31 sniper rifle in Zombies has also been resolved. The bug caused the aim assist of the weapon to not function properly, which also impacted Deadshot Daiquiri. Finally, Zombies stability fixes have been rolled out in the Black Ops Cold War patch. This includes a fix related to enemy spawns and the phase rift feature in Outbreak. In Firebase Z, the stability of trials has also been improved.

Black Ops Cold War Patch And Playlist Update

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