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Chernobylite is a survival action game with several horror and sci-fi elements mixed in. The game is set in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone where the town of Pripyat, Ukraine, is located in. Developer The Farm 51 painstakingly 3D-scanned and recreated these locations to provide a more authentic feel. Given that your journey takes place in a ghost town and an irradiated wasteland, you’ll need to survive and thrive.

Moreover, Chernobylite‘s sci-fi horror elements lead to weird and grotesque sights as the main character, Igor Khymynyuk, attempts to discover what happened to his fiancĂ©e Tatyana. Here’s our Chernobylite guides and features hub to help you out.


Chernobylite – Guides and features hub

Official review Chernobylite has been an Early Access title for almost two years. Now that it enters its version 1.0 launch, is it all you could ever hope for, or do things get a little too messy due to a combination of concepts from other genres? Here’s our official review to let you know if it’s worth your while.

Beginner’s guide: Crafting basics, survival tips, and mission progression – Gathering materials, sending out your companions to do missions, and staying alive in the Exclusion Zone are all part of the core gameplay loop.

Companion recruitment and skills – Meet five characters who have distinct personalities. They’ll lend Igor a helping hand.

Memory Timeline and changing important decisionsChernobylite offers many opportunities to make crucial decisions that can affect the campaign. However, you do have the means of altering the timeline to change what has come to pass.

The Locksmith’s brother and Kopachi’s safe – The Locksmith is an NPC that you’ll meet in Kopachi, and he can help you open a safe if you find his brother.

The Railgun and Molecular Plasma Thrower – Two of the strongest weapons in the game are powered by a mysterious energy. You can craft them to help lay waste to your foes.

Investigations guides

Chernobylite has four investigations, each with several clues and simulations. Igor can use a VR headset that he manufactured to discern what truly happened to Tatyana.

Heist finale and endings

Once you’ve acquired the necessary people and tools, you can begin the Heist mission. Be prepared because it’s a very risky endeavor.

Chernobylite is available via Steam.

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