Seraph Bunkers Edz Seraph Bunker Upgrades Guide Destiny 2 Season Of The Worthy

Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy – EDZ Seraph Bunker leveling and rewards guide

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In Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy, the main PvE gameplay loop revolves around completing Seraph Towers and then obtaining rewards and upgrades via Seraph Bunkers. Please be reminded that this mini-guide assumes you’ve completed “Into the Mindlab” to obtain the Warmind Khanjali artifact.

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Note 1: This guide focuses on teaching you the basics regarding Seraph Bunkers as well as what the EDZ’s location provides. You can also view our mini-guides for the other Seraph Bunkers found on the Moon and Io. For everything else about Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy, you can check out our guides and features hub.

Note 2: The upgrades and perks found in Seraph Bunkers are only available for those who’ve purchased the season pass.

Seraph Bunkers Edz Seraph Bunker Upgrades Guide Destiny 2 Season Of The Worthy Entrance

Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy – Unlocking the EDZ Seraph Bunker

After completing “Into the Mindlab,” Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy‘s introductory quest, you’ll check out Rasputin’s Seraph Bunker in the EDZ (The Sludge). You’ll spot the entrance as you load in (seen in the image above). There’s not much to do here and you’ll be told to complete (or fail) a single Seraph Tower event in the Winding Cove. You can refer to our Seraph Tower guide if you need help.

After that, you’ll head back to the Seraph Bunker which will finally be opened up. This short mission will take you deeper into its recesses, spotting Zavala and Ana Bray fighting the Fallen scavengers.

Seraph Bunkers Edz Seraph Bunker Upgrades Guide Destiny 2 Season Of The Worthy Quest 1

After clearing the mobs, you can access the console which will complete the mission. Head back to the Seraph Bunker’s main console and you’ll have numerous bounties and upgrades available. You’ll also spot a terminal that lets you start a legendary lost sector. Head over to our legendary lost sectors guide if you need help with this activity.

Seraph Bunkers Edz Seraph Bunker Upgrades Guide Destiny 2 Season Of The Worthy Quest 2

Warmind currencies and ranking up

We’ll tackle all of these upgrades and rewards in our EDZ Seraph Bunker guide, but first, let’s talk about currencies. There are three to take note of:

  • Warmind Bits – used to purchase Seraph Bunker upgrades, the Seventh Seraph Carbine auto rifle (season rank 92+ only), and Location Chipsets (fully upgraded bunker only); obtained by completing Seraph Tower events, weekly Seraph Bunker bounties, additional daily bounties, and legendary lost sectors
  • Encrypted Warmind Bits – used to open Warmind and legendary lost sector caches after successfully completing a Seraph Tower event (it’s the second chest that spawns); used to purchase weapon bounties and armor mods (similar to Season of Dawn‘s Obelisks); obtained by completing daily Seraph Bunker bounties and legendary lost sectors (low chance)
  • Location Chipsets – the actual tokens (or fractalines) you need in order to upgrade Seraph Bunkers; obtained by purchasing Seraph Bunker upgrades or converting using Warmind Bits

Just to make everything clearer, you’ll do bounties and other Season of the Worthy-related activities to obtain Warmind Bits. Once you have enough Warmind Bits, you pick a Seraph Bunker upgrade. Once you’ve obtained an upgrade, you’ll get a chipset. The chipset is then used as a “token” to increase your reputation with that specific bunker. Finally, once you’ve given seven or so chipsets, that’s when your bunker will gain a single level-up. Your final goal is to keep redoing all of that until you reach rank 7. Yes, Guardians, the gameplay loop sounds just about as exciting as this paragraph.

D2sotwsb 1

Seraph Bunker bounties

Many of the dailies are your run-of-the-mill Destiny 2 bounties. Examples include:

  • complete public events in the EDZ, Dreaming City, or Nessus; or complete Classic Mix playlist matches in the Crucible
  • defeat Scorn, or defeat Guardians with bows in the Crucible
  • defeat powerful (yellow bar) Taken, or defeat Guardians with fusion rifles in the Crucible

There are also weekly bounties:

  • open 4x caches after successfully completing EDZ Seraph Tower events
  • open 3x caches and defeat 12x champions in EDZ legendary lost sectors

Note: Completing the weekly bounties will reward you with tier 3 powerful gear (Rasputin’s weekly challenge).

Bunker Rank bonuses

All of these bonuses are acquired once you level up the EDZ Seraph Bunker’s rank:

  • Rank 1 – EDZ legendary lost sectors chests award powerful gear; once a week
  • Rank 2 – EDZ planetary material collection rate is increased
  • Rank 3 – weapon frame bounties are available for purchase
  • Rank 4 – the EDZ Seraph Tower chests award powerful gear; once a week
  • Rank 5 – summoned heavy frames have a faster rate of fire
  • Rank 6 – Valkyrie javelins used during the Seraph Tower event are “super” Valkyries
  • Rank 7 – heavy frame cooldown reduced; seasonal armor mods unlocked; weapon frame inventory capacity increased by 1x

Note: You’ll gain extra rewards once you reach rank 1 as part of the “Seraph Warsat Network” quest. This includes those that can help you level up such as powerful gear (rank 1 to rank 6) and a pinnacle drop (rank 7). The rewards will no longer be powerful/pinnacle tier after this point.

D2sotwsb 2

EDZ Armory

The following are obtainable via the EDZ Armory menu:

  • Weapon frames (rank 3) which have random rolls once the bounties are completed. These include Seventh Seraph Carbine (auto rifle), Sevent Seraph SI-2 (sidearm), Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver (hand cannon), Seventh Seraph SAW (machine gun). The Seventh Seraph Carbine, as mentioned, can also be directly purchased but only once you reach season rank 92.
  • A couple of odd-looking shaders, an emblem, and a ship that’s just a reskin of something you’ve seen far too often.
  • Point-defense systems which automatically clear out the Seraph Bunker so you don’t need to do the Bunker Buster dailies. These cost both regular and encrypted Warmind Bits. From cheapest to most expensive, they’ll result in (a) clearing enemies on the next daily reset, (b) clearing enemies for that daily reset, (c) clearing enemies for that daily reset and until the end of the weekly reset.
  • “Rage of the Warmind” armor mod – chance to drop a Warmind Cell when an enemy is killed with a Seventh Seraph weapon; causes additional Solar damage due to Warmind Cell explosions
  • “Incinerating Light” armor mod – chance to drop a Warmind Cell when an enemy is killed with a Seventh Seraph weapon; become “Charged with Light” on multi-kills with Warmind Cell explosion

D2sotwsb 3

EDZ Bunker Upgrades

All of these upgrades cost Warmind Bits, Dusklight Shards, and Legendary Shards. There are also multiple ranks of these upgrades with various effects. I’ll describe these per column and denote the ranks:

  • Heavy Frame Spawner – (1) spawns a heavy frame unit in the bunker; (2) heavy frames can be used in the public event; (3) heavy frames can be used in legendary lost sectors
  • Planetary Material Auto-Collection – (1) passive planetary material collection via the bunker; (2) increased storage capacity; (3) increased collection rate
  • EDZ Encrypted Warmind Bits – (1) gain Encrypted Warmind Bits by completing weekly challenges from Tower NPCs; (2) chests have a chance to refund currency; (3) bunker point-defense systems have reduced costs
  • Valkyrie Spawner – (1) after completing “Into the Mindlab,” this is the first one you’ll obtain for free and it allows you to summon the Valkyrie javelin during the Seraph Tower event; (2) can summon Valkyrie while clearing the bunker; (3) can summon Valkyrie in legendary lost sectors
  • Warmind Bit Generation – (1) on all destinations, clearing bunkers rewards extra Warmind Bits; (2) repeatable/additional bounties grants extra currency; (3) completing strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches have a chance to award extra Warmind Bits
  • Rasputin Reward Generation – (1) rank-up packages can reward seasonal gear; (2) on all destinations, clearing bunkers has a bonus chance to reward seasonal gear; (3) auto rifle weapon frames can reward seasonal gear
  • Cost Reduction – (1) bunker upgrades cost less; (2) auto rifle weapon frames cost less; (3) bunker upgrades cost less

You can also purchase EDZ Chipsets (tokens) to help you level-up the EDZ Seraph Bunker’s rank. One EDZ Chipset costs 500 Warmind Bits, 5 Legendary Shards, and 5,000 glimmer.

D2sotwsb 5

Seraph Bunker upgrade tips

Okay, all the info above was quite a doozy, eh? It’s actually very easy if you boil it down to the most important facets:

  • First, Cost Reduction upgrades are extremely important. These ensure that you don’t waste a lot of materials when you grab upgrades, so take everything in that column.
  • Next up, the Warmind Bit Generation upgrades give you more opportunities to amass that type of currency. The final tier even lets you earn them via regular playlist activities such as Vanguard strikes or Crucible matches.
  • You can also combine this with the Encrypted Warmind Bits upgrades. These let you open more Rasputin chests (the main requirements for weekly bounties).
  • You can ignore Planetary Material Auto-Collection since you can just buy from Spider.
  • Rasputin Reward Generation isn’t a priority since you can pick up seasonal gear from your season pass menu.
  • The Valkyrie and Heavy Frame Spawner upgrades are nice to have, but the activities are doable even without these features.

As mentioned in our Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy review, the Seraph Bunker progression can be quite a grind. You’re also limited to this gameplay loop if you predominantly focus on PvE. Good luck, because this is what you’re looking at for the next three months.

Seraph Bunkers Edz Seraph Bunker Upgrades Guide Destiny 2 Season Of The Worthy 2

Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy is available on Steam. For more information, you could check out our guides and features hub.

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