Warmind Of Khanjali Artifact Mods And Upgrades Guide Best Mods Destiny 2 Season Of The Worthy

Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy – Warmind Khanjali artifact mods guide

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The Warmind Khanjali is your new seasonal artifact in Destiny 2. This ancient blade, apparently, is tied to the themes of the Season of the Worthy and Rasputin. It’s obtained fairly early on after a short mission called “Into the Mindlab.” After this, you’re set to prep for the rest of the content such as Seraph Towers, Seraph Bunkers, and legendary lost sectors. These activities do have champion mobs, and this guide is to help you ascertain the best mods and perks from the Warmind Khanjali artifact.

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Warmind Of Khanjali Artifact Mods And Upgrades Guide Best Mods Destiny 2 Season Of The Worthy Rasputin

Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy – Warmind Khanjali mods and perks

Destiny 2‘s artifact system hasn’t changed since the start of Shadowkeep and Season of the Worthy doesn’t break the pattern. You’ll still grind experience points to increase your power level gains and artifact unlocks. Also, previous weapon mods are gone though some armor mods from previous seasons are still around. Additionally, Season of the Worthy‘s armor sets (such as Seventh Seraph) have the following quirks:

  • The only types of armors that can have “Worthy” mods socketed.
  • Can still use “Dawn” mods or those that add a “Charge of Light.”
  • Cannot use “Undying” mods such as “Enhanced Relay Defender,” and, as mentioned in our official review, this is an extremely strange decision.

D2sotw Wk 2

Let’s move on and focus on the Warmind Khanjali artifact’s mods themselves. I’ll break them down by column and add some picks given limited points.

Warmind Khanjali artifact column 1 (anti-champion weapon mods):

  • Anti-barrier = SMG vs. sidearm
  • Overload = SMGs and auto rifles vs. hand cannons and sidearms
  • Unstoppable = hand cannons

Anti-barrier SMG would be better because of Recluse. Overload SMGs and auto rifles is also a decent choice (switching out your Recluse’s anti-barrier mod when the need arises). The Unstoppable hand cannons mod is the only choice so that’s a mandatory pick.

Warmind Khanjali artifact column 2 (weapon-specific utility):

  • Enhanced Unflinching Auto Rifle; any chest piece
  • Enhanced Scatter Projectile Targetting; any helmet
  • Enhanced Auto Rifle Loader; any gloves
  • Enhanced Small Arms Loader; any gloves
  • Enhanced Sword Scavenger; any leg armor

Auto rifles don’t seem to be that competitive given the “meta,” though it’s still too early to tell. You’re better off choosing Scatter Projectile and Small Arms (for your Bygones, Recluse, Hammerhead, Last Hope, or Le Monarque).

Warmind Khanjali artifact column 3 (chance to earn glimmer and materials after kills):

  • Flourishing Blade – large amount of glimmer via sword kills; any armor
  • Splintered Gladius – Gunsmith materials from Cabal Centurion kills; any armor
  • While Ye May – destination materials from Fallen Captain kills; any armor
  • Prized Shooting – small amount of glimmer via hand cannon/sidearm kills; any armor
  • Automatic Prize – small amount of glimmer via SMG/auto rifle kills; any armor

The sword kills mod has a low chance to proc, though it does net you 20-40+ glimmer per final blow. The ones for the other weapon sets don’t provide as much, but you’ll probably use these weapon types more often. Lastly, the two mods that are dependent on enemy-type kills are useless.

D2sotw Wk 1 Escalation Protocol

Warmind Khanjali artifact column 4 (disruption and anti-champion extras):

  • Disrupting Blade – Overload disruption via sword hits; sword mod
  • Surge Detonators – Overload disruption via Arc grenades; any chest piece
  • Hammer of the Warmind – Seventh Seraph weapon kills drop Warmind Cells; explosions cause disruption and stagger unshielded enemies; strong vs. Overload and Unstoppable champions; “Worthy” armor only
  • Inferno Whip – Unstoppable stagger via Solar melee abilities; any chest piece
  • Flare-Up – regain melee charge when you or a teammate stagger an Unstoppable champion

Hammer of the Warmind might synergize well with the Seraph Bunker mods, though I haven’t tested it yet. Surge Detonators require only 2 armor energy, and can be quite useful for those who run Arc subclasses, like that one Warlock who refuses to use Well of Radiance during Nightfalls because they love Chaos Reach. Inferno Whip and Flare-Up provide good synergy for middle-tree Gunslingers or Sunbreakers and top-tree Dawnblades if ever they’ll be of any use in high-end activities.

Warmind Khanjali artifact column 5 (survivability and utility):

  • Passive Guard – receive less damage from nearby combatants while wielding a sword; any class item
  • Soul of the Praxic Fire – Solar class abilities grant an overshield and increase class ability cooldown; any class item
  • Tyrant’s Surge – Seventh Seraph weapon kills drop Warmind Cells; damage from Arc melees, supers, and grenades spawn a Warmind Cell; “Worthy” armor only
  • Thunder Coil – bonus damage for all Arc melee abilities and refunds super energy via finishers; any class item
  • Lightning Strikes Twice – throwing an Arc grenade improves grenade recharge rate and Arc final blows increase the duration of this buff; any class item

Warmind Of Khanjali Artifact Mods And Upgrades Guide Best Mods Destiny 2 Season Of The Worthy Level

These ones will take a lot of exp to unlock. As of now, Tyrant’s Surge seems very interesting due to other “Worthy” and Warmind Cell-based mods. Lightning Strikes Twice can, potentially, be extremely deadly in Crucible and Trials of Osiris. As for Thunder Coil, it used to be good when bosses could be easily melted with One-Two Punch and Swashbuckler (plus a Titan with Peregrine Greaves). However, due to some endgame activities getting their power levels increased, that nuke potential is no more.

Update: Destiny 2 pro player Ehroar has recently shared a video on Warmind Cell builds. You can watch it below:

Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy is available on Steam. For more information, you could check out our guides and features hub.

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