The Devil In Me Bearings Guide
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Supermassive Games’ titles use the “butterfly effect” to symbolize incidents that can determine the eventual fates of characters. A seemingly inconsequential decision early on might mean very little, but it can also lead to catastrophe down the line. Here’s our The Devil in Me Bearings guide to help you with the eight narrative branches in the campaign

Note: For more information, check out our The Devil in Me guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


The Devil in Me Bearings guide

Hotel Guests

  • This mostly concerns Jeff and Marie, the honeymooners from the prologue. Yes, they’ll die and you can’t avoid that, though you might spot Marie’s necklace later.

Young Love

  • This involves the relationship between Jamie and Erin (i.e., whether the two kissed or flirted around). Jamie can pick up Erin’s chapstick in her room during the Interrogation chapter. If you complete the campaign with the two alive, then she’ll be able to return it.

Bitter Rivals

  • This is all about the animosity between Kate and Jamie. Some key decisions affect this, such as the taking the screwdriver, the Glass Trap, and saving Jamie when Du’Met has her.

Mr. Du’Met, I Presume

  • This is one of the more complex Bearings in The Devil in Me. It concerns the identity of Du’Met, the eccentric recluse who invites the crew to the island manor. However, things are not what they seem, since your characters are also chased by a killer whom they believe to be the same eccentric fella.
  • The truth is eventually revealed if you reach the Ultimatum alternate finale. The man admits that he’s Morello, a true crime author, who’s been blackmailed by the killer to lure the crew in exchange for his daughter’s life. The killer wants Mark to act as the next Du’Met to bring more victims to the island. Also, you’ll notice that Morello and his daughter were killed in the Lake finale.
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  • This Bearing in The Devil in Me concerns Erin and her inhaler. The inhaler is given to you by Du’Met during Blackout. Make sure to take it instead of attacking him, or Erin will meet an untimely demise.
  • The inhaler has three charges that can be used at different points in the game (i.e., during the dinner scene if Charlie chooses angry responses or before entering the Silver Ash room). It’s also lost if Erin fails the “Don’t Breathe” minigame in Maze.
  • I’ve mentioned in some guides that I’ve avoided using the inhaler throughout the campaign. Initially, I thought it would lead to Erin’s death, akin to a “Julia – The Bends” moment from Man of Medan.
  • However, the only key factor here is that Erin will be the last playable character in the Lake finale if Kate died after being crushed by the Glass Trap. If the inhaler still has a charge, she won’t panic as she battles Du’Met. Still, if Kate is still alive, then all Erin has to do is pass the first QTE check to survive.
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  • This is regarding Charlie and the recorded message that Erin discovers, implicating him in the planned murders. Much later in the Lighthouse chapter, Mark has to make an important choice.
  • The group could either trust Charlie, or he’d be left on his own. All the key moments are discussed further in our Guilty achievement guide.

Signal Help

  • Most of the actions affecting this Bearing in The Devil in Me happen later in the game, specifically the Lighthouse chapter and Lake finale. If everything goes well, Mark will get the lighthouse to work, the group will make their escape, and you’ll survive Du’Met’s final assault while on the boat.

Mysterious Creature

  • This involves petting and saving Connie the dog. Mark will be able to pet her during the Cliffside chapter if Charlie died earlier in the game (it might also be possible when playing co-op or the Curator’s Cut).
  • Later in Homestead, you have to decide what to do with the doggo as Du’Met investigates the farmhouse.
  • Lastly, if the dog survives and you complete the Lake finale, you’ll unlock the Happier Ending achievement. This can be obtained whether all, some, or none of the main characters survived. Funnily enough, the dog could turn out to be the sole survivor.
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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is available via Steam.

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