Epic Games Store free games

This week’s freebies on the Epic Games Store are Blair Witch and Ghostbusters

Perfect for Halloween.

With Halloween now right around the corner, the Thursday rotation for the Epic Games Store has delivered some new free games just in time. If you plan to sit this year out and spend the time at home, Epic Games has you covered. If you kept up with the previous weeks, you might already have some great Halloween-appropriate options. More is always better though, so this week you can grab Blair Witch and Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered. Be warned though, if you play the Blair Witch, you might not want to leave the house anyways. You can claim these games right now, but if for any reason you procrastinate past the holiday, be sure to claim them before November 6 at 11 AM ET.

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Blair Witch is a psychological horror game from Bloober Team based off the wildly popular film from the ’90s. You take on the role of Ellis, a former police officer with a troubled past, to take on the search for a young boy that mysteriously went missing. I think you can take a guess at what’s going on here. During your search, you begin to find strange signs out in the woods that pertain to the Witch’s mysticism. Soon enough, you become the hunted, and this walk in the woods is no walk in the park. In fact, you’ll be running more likely.

Scared to close your eyes and scared to open them

Fortunately, this game contains one redeeming sense of comfort. You will see a friendly, furry companion. This version of the game also includes the good boy pack to enhance your best friend. You can pet the dog and at least claim a brief moment of comfort. Things will get quite intense, and part of that has to do with the game’s realism. Blair Witch came out last year, so it sports some pretty good visuals. User reviews are great, so it’s a no brainer to pick this one up for free if you can handle the thrills and chills.

You know who to call for free games

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered is of course an improved version of the 2009 original title. It’s a great contrast to the tone of the other free game on offer from the Epic Games Store, because you get to do a little hunting of your own. Ghosts also act more as characters than outright terror entities in this game. They will be challenging, but you will also have some great laughs and nostalgia along the way as you enjoy the personalities of the original ghost-busting team.

The remaster does a great job of bring things up to par, and I get the vibe of a Telltale art style in seeing Ghostbusters. It’s also nice to see this series still going despite its silly, fun nature. In fact, you can grab some Ghostbuster skins right now in Fortnite if you want to rock the style elsewhere.

Epic Games Store free games

That’s it for this week’s free games on the Epic Games Store, but you can look forward to Wargame: Red Dragon next week. It’s a 20th century RTS title that features a mix of naval, armored, and aerial warfare. Next week we’ll dive into more details.

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