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Nothing should really surprise us anymore when it relates to what’s next for crossover content in Fortnite. From Lebron James to Ferrari supercars, there’s a seemingly endless lineup of partnerships to sell cosmetics so that players can be whatever they wish. If you caught wind of the Rift Tour announcement recently, you know that Ariana Grande will headline the Fortnite concert series. As you may have surmised, the pop star will also appear as a skin you can buy in the game. Ariana Grande will become available in the Fortnite in-game store on August 4 at 8 PM ET. We also found out that more Street Fighter characters are on the way to Fortnite too.

Both Guile and Cammy will be available to purchase on August 7 when the Fortnite store rotates at 8 PM ET. If you fancy yourself a competitive player, you can also take a whack at unlocking Cammy in a dedicated tournament for the character. This will work the same as past tournaments. You can read more about that in the official announcement.


The latest Street Fighter characters will be sold separately. Cammy and Guile will each come with two unique appearances, custom emotes, a loading screen, pickaxes, and Back Bling. These additions will allow you to round out your Street Fighter squad roster, seeing as Chun-Li and Ryu were available in Fortnite earlier this year.

We also noted something interesting about the headline of the Cammy and Guile announcement on the Fortnite website. These two characters are tagged as “Round 2” characters, so more are clearly on the way. While we can’t say who else will arrive eventually, it’s likely there will be at least two more characters for Round 3. That’s how the franchise likes to do things after all.

Fortnite Street Fighter Cammy Guile Characters Purchase Store

The pop princess and the commandos

Just like the Street Fighter skins, Ariana Grande will also get two different styles and some additional cosmetic accessories for her Fortnite crossover. She’ll appear in one of her typical glammed up styles along with a mystical rift appearance. All of these skins are sure to run on the expensive side, but you’ll definitely stand out with these appearances.

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