Genshin Impact Childe Tartaglia Boss Fight

Tartaglia, also known as “Childe,” is a member of the Fatui. You originally meet him during Genshin Impact‘s “Rite of Descension” quest. Now, thanks to the version 1.1 update, you can obtain him via a Wish banner. Likewise, you’ll battle him as part of a quest known as “A New Star Approaches.” Here’s our guide to help you beat Childe/Tartaglia during this quest and in later encounters.

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Genshin Impact: Defeating Childe/Tartaglia

The reason I mentioned “later encounters” is that Childe/Tartaglia becomes a weekly boss after you’ve finished “A New Star Approaches.” Indeed, he joins Stormterror and Andrius as part of Genshin Impact‘s toughest challenges. However, compared to those two, Childe’s abilities are so unpredictable that you’ll want to be ready for anything he throws your way.

In my case, I was almost level 70 with my characters when I battled him during the quest, and I still found the boss fight quite surprising. However, after clearing it, I did beat him once more as part of the weekly bout.

Note: For the weekly challenge, you’ll be able to teleport to the Golden House domain after finishing the quest. Ideally, you should wait until you reach Adventure Rank 40 when this boss fight starts rewarding you with character ascension materials.

Gen Pct Tartaglia 1c

Honestly, Genshin Impact’s Childe/Tartaglia reminds me of Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho/Ghost Fighter. The guy just keeps battering you with attacks, transforming, and increasing his power at later stages of the encounter.

I mostly got by with a Xiangling and Fischl combo, popping overload when possible as well as shooting him from afar. Due to Childe’s unpredictable skills, it was hard to go toe to toe with him at melee range. If any of my characters were downed, I simply avoided his attacks until I could revive them. Furthermore, my healer was Barbara which meant running around while her ability healed a wounded character. I do have Qiqi, but trying to “heal by attacking” felt risky.

Note 1: You’ll probably use up some of your food due to sudden spike damage. That’s totally fine. Just remember to use items/food that can increase your defense and elemental resistances.

Note 2: Likewise, I’ve been told that Mona’s elemental skill which taunts enemies also works on the boss. You might be able to cause a distraction that soaks some of his attacks.

Genshin Impact Childe Boss Fight 1b

Phase 1: Childe the Hydro Harbinger

Anyway, for the first phase of the boss fight, Childe has the following attacks:

  • Water Arrows/Water Blades – Childe fires Hydro projectiles. Simply dash sideways to avoid them.
  • Water Burst – Circles will appear in quick succession on the ground. Run away from these since a geyser will erupt.

Genshin Impact Childe Boss Fight 2a

  • The Goddamn Whale – This ability confused me at first. The Goddamn Whale initially spawns from a large circle at the center of the arena. I tried running to the edge, but, for some reason, The Goddamn Whale still managed to hit my character (it deals roughly 10,000 damage too). Eventually, I realized that you truly have to be at the distant edges of the arena. It’s almost impossible to avoid if you’re fighting Childe in the middle. However, I’ve also been told that you can avoid it if you run towards the tail (behind it) when it spawns.

Genshin Impact Childe Boss Fight 2b

Phase 2: Childe’s Electro Delusion

Childe will wear a mask and he’ll focus more on electric-based moves:

  • Lightning Sickle – Childe will cast Electro projectiles. As usual, just try and dodge them.
  • Lightning Dash – Be ready for this move. Childe will dash towards your character at blinding speeds followed by a multi-hit Electro attack.

Genshin Impact Childe Boss Fight 3a

  • Lightning Ring – Eventually, you’ll see that your character’s surrounded by a ring of purple lightning. In a few seconds, Childe will call down a lightning strike that’ll likely kill them. The only way you can remove this is if you immediately run to the edge of the arena where your character can get affected by Pyro. This will nullify the effect and remove the Lightning Ring.

Gen Pct Tartaglia 1a

Phase 3: Tartaglia’s Foul Legacy Transformation

I’ve been calling this Genshin Impact boss “Childe” for the earlier phases. Now, I’ll call him Tartaglia because it only seems fitting. It’s such a fancy and ominous-sounding name for an equally deadly opponent.

Anyway, Tartaglia’s Foul Legacy Transformation/third phase lets him retain his previous abilities. However, his regular attacks are stronger, he’s blindingly fast, and he’s got an extra skill, the Multi-Geyser Burst.

During the first phase, you saw geysers erupting one by one. This time, multiple circles will appear on the ground. The only ways to avoid these are to stay at the very center of all the circles since that’s the safe area or luckily be at the corners of the arena where no circles are around.

Gen Pct Tartaglia 1b

Okay, let’s do a recap:

  • The Goddamn Whale – Run towards its tail or to the far edges of the arena.
  • Electric Ring – Run to the edge of the arena so Pyro effects dispel the ring.
  • Multi-Geyser Burst – Run to the center of the entire casting area or towards the edges/corners of the arena.

Of course, make sure you avoid Childe/Tartaglia’s other abilities, too, so your characters can survive. You can just keep running around to evade his projectiles and dash combos, all while waiting for any healing skill or reviving food cooldowns. With any luck, you should be farming this Genshin Impact boss fight each week.

Gen Pct Tartaglia 2

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