Hogwarts Legacy Best Talents Guide
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Hogwarts Legacy: Best Talents Guide – The Best Talents for the Campaign

The right perks for every witch and wizard.

After the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest, you’ll unlock talents in Hogwarts Legacy. You’ll gain a single talent point for every level (after level 5), which means you could acquire perks rather quickly. The problem is that there’s no respec option, so you can refund these points at all. As such, you’ll want to choose those that can truly help you as you progress. Here’s our Hogwarts Legacy best talents guide to help you choose the ideal perks for the campaign.

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Hogwarts Legacy best talents guide – The best talents for the campaign

While there are numerous perks that you can select, Hogwarts Legacy best talents guide will primarily focus on the ones that are truly amazing for general gameplay purposes. Of course, you’re still free to choose what you want depending on your playstyle. Just be reminded that the only restriction is your character’s level, as this determines if new perks can be unlocked.

Spells Talents

These represent most of the combat spells you’ll use in the game, and these offer boosted effects. Technically, you’d probably go with an ability that you often cast, but there are a few that tend to be more commonly used:

  • Incendio Mastery – Easily one of the best talents in Hogwarts Legacy. This causes Incendio to create a flame shockwave that radiates from your character. Considering how often you’ll fight Spiders and Inferi that are vulnerable to fire damage, this is something that becomes integral to combat.
  • Confringo Mastery – And, of course, there’s Confringo, Incendio’s long-range counterpart. This talent causes two fireballs to spawn and home in on other hostiles. If those hostiles are in the middle of casting, then they’ll get interrupted, too.
  • Levioso Mastery – Levioso is one of the nifty spells in the game since it lifts opponents into the air for several seconds. This talent causes others nearby to also get lifted, making for decent crowd control.
  • Accio Mastery – Similar to Levioso Mastery, this will affect other nearby targets. Given how often Accio gets used, it’s probably a permanent fixture in your spell slots already.

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Dark Arts Talents

The problem with this tree is that the Unforgivable Curses are unlocked late in the game, so you’ll probably just use them for late-game free-roaming and quests. As for the Curse mechanic itself, it applies a debuff on the target that causes them to take more damage. At best, you’ll choose those that can amplify this debuff’s effects and damage.

  • Stunning Curse – You’ll use Stupefy to counter hits, and this will cause counters to proc the Curse debuff. This is useful especially if you just need a passive means of applying a Curse, as opposed to using Crucio and Imperio.
  • Blood Curse – This makes it so that all Cursed targets take damage even if you’re only attacking one of them.
  • Enduring Curse – Ensures that the Curse debuff lasts longer.
  • Optional: Disarming Curse or Knockback Curse – This lets either Expelliarmus or Flipendo also apply the Curse effect. Knockback Curse tends to be better due to Flipendo’s shorter cooldown. However, the disarming effect from Expelliarmus lasts a bit longer, which is useful against humans, goblins, and trolls.
  • Crucio Mastery – Causes Crucio to release another projectile that applies Curse to a different target.
  • Avada Kedavra Mastery – Let’s face it: Avada Kedavra is an instant kill spell. Whether it’s an elite or a high-level opponent, one shot and they’re dead. The talent ensures that all Cursed targets will also die if you kill someone with Avada Kedavra. As such, most encounters will have you taking time to apply Curse to various enemies before casting Avada Kedavra.

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Core Skill Talents

Core skills represent those that are inherently part of gameplay, such as Essential Spells (i.e., Protego/Stupefy, Revelio, and Basic Cast), as well as healing and dodging.

  • Revelio Mastery – Well, I think we all cast Revelio every couple of seconds. This one increases its reveal radius.
  • Basic Cast Mastery and Basic Cast Airborne Absorption – These improve your spell recharge rate and Ancient Magic recharge rate respectively.
  • Protego Absorption, Protego Expertise, and Protego Mastery – Well, you block a lot in this game, so these are good picks.
  • Stupefy Mastery and Stupefy Expertise – And, yes, you do counterattack often as well.
  • Swift – This is probably one of the best talents in Hogwarts Legacy simply because of how it helps with traversal and exploration. Apart from a roll, you’ll now do a Shadowstep-esque teleport. Even if you’re just roaming around, it speeds up your on-foot movement. As an aside, it doesn’t work in Hogwarts Castle due to the “no apparating inside the castle” rule.
  • Evasion Absorption – Dodging unblockable attacks is the norm, so this one offers an okay boost to your Ancient Magic recharge rate.
  • Wiggenweld Potency – A little bit of extra healing is always nice.
  • Spell Knowledge I – This is a bit irksome because you need to spend talent points just to unlock additional spell slots (it should’ve been a default mechanic). Still, you’ll probably want this because of side activities, like capturing Fantastic Beasts or designing the Room of Requirement, since you use a different set of spells.

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Room of Requirement Talents

The name for this panel is a bit misleading since these have more to do with potions and carnivorous plants than changing the Room of Requirements layout. Though, technically, you do construct objects that let you harvest related items. Still, if you’re not throwing plants or popping potions in battles, you could avoid everything here.

Stealth Talents

Sadly, when talking about the Hogwarts Legacy best talents to have, you will find absolutely nothing in this tree that fits the bill. The first problem is that two perks are just there to make it harder for enemies to detect you, and AI mobs aren’t even that smart enough, to begin with. Second, one perk lets you sprint while stealthed, but it’s not even necessary since there are few stealth sections in the campaign. And, lastly, there’s Petrificus Totalus Mastery. The thing is, doing a stealth kill will also kill/petrify a nearby hostile. The problem is that you could already do this just by sneaking up behind two targets and spamming the “F” key. By the time the second opponent turns around, they’d get a Full-Body Bind Curse for their troubles.

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Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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