How to complete Blast Zone in Starfield

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Starfield is all about being immersed in the world. Since everything in the game is alive and changes based on what you do, interesting moments will appear often. Moments like dealing with Brogan force players to make some important choices. Apart from the main story of Starfield, side missions make up a decent chunk of the game. Some of which can be better than the main narrative. Plus, with the game having tons of side missions to encounter, you can level up faster and get to know the world better. A side mission that stands out in Starfield called Blast Zone requires you to open up space for newcomers to Akila, and this guide will show you how to complete it.

Starfield: How to complete Blast Zone in Starfield

While roaming in Akila City, you’ll run into a real estate agent Ngodup Tate who will sell you the Core Manor house along with another property. You don’t have to buy either one, just say no to both of themWhen you try to exit the conversation, he’ll give you a mission that needs you to cut iron to make room for new residents to the city. You don’t have to go that far out since the location is marked for you. However, make sure you have a Cutter to cut the stone, otherwise, you can’t interact with it. 

If you don’t have this tool, head to any of the two weapon shops in the city, they are Rowland Farms and Laredo Firearms. The former will be at the main entrance on the left as soon as you walk into Akila City. The latter will be on the right side of the entrance almost behind the bar

What rewards can be earned?

Upon completion by returning back to Tate, you won’t get anything special. However, you’ll get around 55 experience points and 3300 Credits. It’s a great way to get money quickly if you’re low on Credits.

Mission bug and how to fix

A small group of players have been getting hit with a bug that either has rocks not appear or the quest doesn’t start when taking to Tate. To fix this, travel to Venus and wait around 10 hours, the game may reset itself when you do this. After you’ve waited, fly back to Akila City, and the mission works properly. 

Starfield is available now via Xbox Game Store and Game Pass.

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