Inscryption Act 3 guide: How to farm unlimited Robobucks with the best cards

Inscryption Farm Unlimited Robobucks Act 3 Ouroboros Ourobot Best Cards Act 3

First, your character used Teeth. Then, you had Foils. Now, we’re going to have to collect Robobucks. This currency comes from the overkill mechanic, and there are some neat ways to obtain this in Botopia. Here’s our Inscryption Act 3 guide to help you farm unlimited Robobucks by using the best cards.

Note: For more information, check out our Inscryption guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


Inscryption Act 3 guide – How to farm unlimited Robobucks by using Ouroboros and the best cards

During the previous act, I suggested battling the training dummy to amass a lot of Foils. It just so happened that it’s the best way to boost the Ouroboros card as well. The Ouroboros will also come into play, though, yes, it’s still quite game-breaking. You can find it by solving the Cuckoo Clock puzzle in P03’s factory.

In any case, to farm unlimited Robobucks in Act 3 of Inscryption, we’ll need to annihilate our opponents. Without a training dummy, we can just enter a zone, complete some encounters, and return to the previous area. As long as you don’t tag a new checkpoint, the encounters should respawn. You’ll just need to rely on RNG for the cards that you need.

Inscryption Farm Unlimited Robobucks Act 3 Ouroboros Ourobot Best Cards Act 3 1

Here are some suggestions on the best cards you can use for Act 3 of Inscryption:

  • The Ouroboros or Ourobot is still the best option. If you already boosted it during Act 2, then it’ll retain its ATK and HP stats for Act 3. The card might show 15/15, but, trust me, it’s a lot higher than that. However, the Ourobot does require +6 energy, so it’s going to be a while before you can use it (if it even appears in your hand). If you’re lucky, then you could use it to gain hundreds of Robobucks from each battle.
  • If that’s too gamey, I would suggest just using the Mycobot. You can acquire it by beating the Mycologist secret boss. It requires +2 energy, but its stats are dependent on the cards that were fused during the battle, as well as the values that it had when you defeated the boss. In my case, I settled for a 7/9 spread.
  • You can also try modified cards like:
    • Sniper Bot – Bifurcated Strike and Unkillable (from sigil upgrade machines), plus the Crystal buff (from the gem machine in the Painter’s zone). Then, play a few Sapphire Mox (orange crystals) to increase its HP.
    • Custom Card (from the Custom Card machine in Golly’s zone) – Sacrifice a +5 SP card; 3/1 stat; 1 energy; Brittle and Unkillable. You can use it to kill hostiles or damage your opponent. It’ll die, but it goes back into your hand.

Inscryption Farm Unlimited Robobucks Act 3 Ouroboros Ourobot Best Cards Act 3 2

Inscryption is available on Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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