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PC Invasion Podcast #1

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Welcome, one and all, to the debut episode of the PC Invasion Podcast. The podcast which narrowly avoided being called ‘Invasion of the Poddy Snatchers.’

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You can stream the audio below, or use that same tool to download the podcast in mp3 form. There should be a version floating about on iTunes too.


This week, we spend a little bit of time explaining our change-over from IncGamers to PC Invasion, and set the scene for our new location in a cosy bunker.

Paul, Tim and myself discuss the all-but-confirmation of Fallout 4, the incredibly appropriate (as far as a site called PC Invasion is concerned) announcement of XCOM 2 as a PC exclusive, and outline plans for prospective FIFA 16 executive bribery mini-games.

Also, I get to hear the news live on air that Sepp Blatter has actually resigned.

We then toss around the Kepler card Nvidia conspiracy concerning The Witcher 3, and (a bit after that) get on to the game itself, in which Tim is still deeply engrossed. I’ve got a few things to say about Swery’s D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die (but not too many things, as it’s still technically under embargo,) and Paul is very unhappy at the standard of his team-mates in Dirty Bomb.

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