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Due to unprecedented popular demand (that’s what we’re going with), the PC Invasion Podcast returns to a more mid-week based slot. You can locate, download or stream Episode 16 thanks to the ever-helpful magical widget device below. Fashioned from code and love, it will supply you with our latest podcast. Older podcasts can be found in the archives.


This week, Tim and I (Paul’s still playing with servers) discuss Undertale. Or, more accurately, Tim tries to discuss Undertale without spoiling any of the best bits. Which is not easy, apparently.

After that, a bit of chat about Metal Gear Online and plush puppy traps, then a bit about the delay to Hitman. That leads us into whether Hitman: Absolution was terrible trash or not, and musings about “instinct” systems in games.

Nightdive have put together a nice little System Shock redux package on GOG and (perhaps more importantly) sound as if they now have the rights to the System Shock series.

That’s followed by an unlikely comparison between DOTA 2 (which is expecting a patch this week) and FIFA 16. Don’t worry, it makes sense. We conclude with a surprising amount of dialogue about ‘Techies’ as heroes, and then do a bit of live article work-shopping.

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