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Merry Podcast, one and all. The last PC Invasion Podcast of the year awaits you below, via streaming or download (whichever you fancy.) After the widget, a summary of what’s actually in this latest episode.


Some sleigh bells, for one thing.

This week, we celebrate the Christmas miracle of Hideo Kojima’s freedom from whatever weird legal conditions Konami were keeping him under. He can make more games now. Probably more games on the PC, even.

Then it’s over to our DOTA 2 correspondent to explain everything about patch 6.86 in exhaustive detail (well, not quite, we wouldn’t be finished before Christmas). After that, we reflect on the presentational triumph that was Chris Roberts trying to play his own game. A moving battle of man vs controls, alpha bugs, and dodgy chat interfaces.

Elsewhere in the world of PC, the GTA:MP devs are now going to be doing some Just Cause 3 multiplayer, Steam’s Winter sale is now on, and Namco Bandai have decided that the best possible time to make lots of announcements is the Christmas week.

Our attention briefly turns to America’s own Krampus, Donald Trump … for some reason. And then it’s back to games.

Paul’s been mesmerised by flute playing in Black Desert, I’ve finished the mighty Undertale, and Tim’s been doing dodgy space deals in Rebel Galaxy.

We’ll be back in early January.

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