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There are six classes in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, all with their own unique playstyles. Understanding how these classes interact and how to get the most of them is vital in becoming the best player possible. This guide focuses on the game’s frontline battle mage. In PSO2 New Genesis, this role is filled by the Techter class.

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If you immediately thought of a Harry Potter-style magic stick when you read the word wand, think again. Wands in Phantasy Star are powerful magical maces that can cast Techniques and be used as destructive melee weapons. The wand can also be imbued to deal elemental damage and inflict elemental downs against enemies.

Pso2 New Genesis Techter Wand

The wand’s weapon action is Parry. Simply, Parry is a timing-based counterattack that negates incoming damage. Of the many parries and counters in New Genesis, this is one of the most lenient. After some practice, you’ll be able to parry the majority of enemy attacks with ease.


The talis is a long-range weapon that relies primarily on Techniques to deal damage. The unique trait of the talis is that it’s possible to change how Techniques function to better suit each fight. It isn’t as versatile as the wand, but it offers a long-range alternative for boss fights where it may be dangerous to fight close up.

Pso2 New Genesis Force Talis

Talis users get access to its weapon action, Bloom. When used, Bloom places down a stationary turret that automatically fires at any nearby enemies. You can cancel it by either reusing the weapon action in a different location, or moving far enough away from the turret. This doesn’t deal too much damage, but it is an effective tool for passively regenerating PP.


Techter’s most notable unique Active Skill is Shifta/Deband. Those playing the Techter class should purchase this first as it provides both an increase in damage output and damage resistance when active. Furthermore, any teammates nearby when it is used will also benefit from these buffs for 60 seconds. Shifta/Deband has a short cooldown and should be used as often as possible.

Both Weak Element Amplifier and Awake Aile are worth picking up. Of the two, Weak Element Amplifier is better and is usually the best choice to spend extra skill points on. Alternatively, only spending one point on each of these, and then instead picking up Barta Blot and Zonde-Clad also works.

Pso2 New Genesis Techter Skill Tree

All of the skills centered around improving Shifta/Deband should be purchased. This includes Shifta/Deband Party Share, Shifta Effect Advantage, Shifta Effect Amplifier, Deband PP Recovery Boost, Deband Ward Bad Condition, Shifta/Deband Extension. All of these skills combine to improve the overall impact of Shifta/Deband, while adding various support-focused secondary effects to it. Given that Shifta/Deband is the main selling point of the Techter class, it would be a waste to not make the most out of it.

All skills beginning with “wand” are worth getting as they improve the Force class’ main weapon of choice. These are required to inflict elemental damage with your wand and they improve Parry considerably. As for the three talis-centric skills located at the bottom right of the skill tree, I’d avoid these. Although talis has its purposes, most Techter playstyles in PSO2 New Genesis benefit from concentrating primarily on wand gameplay.

Photon Arts

Assuming that only the wand is used, just two Photon Arts are required for optimal play. Even better, knowing when to use them is easy to understand making Techter a fantastic choice for any new players just getting into PSO2 New Genesis.

Swift Smash is the wand’s primary tool for engagements. This Photon Art lunges you forward and deals a good chunk of damage if it connects. This is best used to close the gap on an enemy to better position yourself to use the other recommended Photon Art.

Pso2 New Genesis Techter Photon Arts

Once in a good position to deal damage, Techter players should use Wave Crash over and over. This is by far the wand’s best damage-dealing Photon Art. It is especially strong when used on an exposed critical hit spot with the correct elemental damage applied. In this scenario, very few weapons in New Genesis can keep up with the wand.

If you are looking to add talis gameplay into your build then Convergence Shot and Spread Shot are the best Photon Arts to use. The former is best used against groups of enemies whilst the latter is more effective in single-target situations like boss fights.


Of the six current classes available in PSO2 New Genesis, arguably only Ranger is more important to a team composition than Techter. The Techter’s ability to inflict elemental downs and support their teammates whilst also still dealing great damage makes it a truly top-tier choice. Just about any alliance or party looking to maximize DPS will have to team up with an experienced Techter to do so.

As for how to play this class, your focus should primarily be to deal damage. Even though Techter can be a support class, optimizing that half of your gameplay is secondary to dealing as much damage as possible. To optimize DPS, it’s important to always attack using an enemy’s elemental weakness. You can imbue your wand by charging up any Technique after purchasing the Wand Element Change skill. This is especially important against bosses as you cannot inflict elemental downs without attacking with an enemy’s elemental weakness.

Pso2 New Genesis Techter Gameplay Wand Lizard

Outside of imbuing your wand, Techniques aren’t overly important to understand as a Techter player. Certainly, Gizonde is useful for farming mobs quickly in PSE Bursts, but for any challenging fight you are better off using a wand. Players wanting to play a more traditional mage should check out our Force guide.

Once you are happy with your DPS output, it is then worth learning how to support teammates properly. Shifta/Deband should be used as often as possible when positioned near teammates. The boost that it provides to everyone’s damage potency can drastically speed up boss kills. Also, whenever you use a Restasigne to heal up stand near to teammates to heal them too. Don’t be afraid to use a Restasigne to heal other players even when you don’t need it yourself. That extra health boost will help your frontline tanks and DPS stay alive longer.

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