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Destiny 2: Black Armory – Scourge Of The Past Complete Raid Guide

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December 7 saw the inclusion of two brand new activities in Destiny 2: Black Armory. The first one is the Gofannon Forge which rewards the Tatara Gaze sniper as well as a secret emblem that can be discovered. The second is none other than the Scourge of the Past raid. This endgame activity takes place in The Last City just below The Tower and will lead Guardians to discover Fallen attempting to ransack the Black Armory vault. We’ve got a complete raid guide for every encounter as well as recently discovered hidden chests and secrets.

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Please note that the recommended Power Level for Scourge of the Past is 640 at the beginning. This ramps up later on to 650 PL for the Insurrection Prime boss fight. This means you’ll need to stick to the grind if ever you wish to do as much damage as possible while keeping yourself alive. If ever you need help, feel free to check out our Last Wish raid guide to net you some drops to get you to 600+ PL. Likewise, our leveling guide contains all the info you’ll need about making the most out of all the existing milestones and powerful gear drops.

Given that Scourge of the Past is a Fallen raid, a rule of thumb is to have Arc defense for your armor pieces. Majority of the enemies you encounter (dregs, vandals, and berserkers) will brutalize you with Arc damage so you might as well mitigate that. Some really useful weapons include shotguns (such as Ikelos SG), Whisper of the Worm, and machine guns (Thunderlord, Hammerhead ).

Without further ado, here’s our full raid guide for Scourge of the Past:

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