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After meeting the UC SysDef and starting the Crimson Fleet questline, you’ll start the Burden of Proof mission in Starfield after talking with Lieutenant Toft. You’re tasked with finding 20 pieces of evidence to take down the Crimson Fleet. To make your hunt easier, here are the exact locations of all 20 pieces of evidence in Starfield Burden of Proof.

Note: As you progress through the Burden of Proof mission, you’ll likely need our guide to fix the Eye of the Storm bug.

Where to find all 20 pieces of evidence in Starfield Burden of Proof

The 20 pieces of evidence required to complete the Burden of Proof mission in Starfield are found littered throughout the Crimson Fleet missions. Thankfully, you only need to collect 18 out of 20 to successfully complete the mission, which is crucial because some pieces of evidence are missable since they’re hidden in missions you can’t return to.

Evidence Quest Location Description Missable?
Naeva Meetup Deep Cover Behind Adler Kemp in the Broken Spear in Cydonia, Mars (Sol). No
Carter’s Gig Echoes of the Past Found in Carter’s Locker in The Lock. (This one is required to complete the quest, so thankfully, you can’t miss it!) No
Warden’s Log Echoes of the Past Found in the Warden’s Office in The Lock. Located on a shelf to the right of the intercom. No
Request Denied Breaking the Bank Found on a shelf in the Captain’s Room on the Siren of the Stars. Yes
Galbank Plan Breaking the Bank Pay Gabriel Vera 2,500 credits for the evidence or kill him and loot it from his corpse – Siren of the Stars Yes
Huan’s Talk The Best There Is Found on the kitchen counter in Kay’s house, in The Well, New Atlantis (Jemison). No
Eubanks & Woods The Best There Is Found in the room behind Dr. Gabriel Vogel’s office on the SY-920 UC ship. Yes
The Big Score Absolute Power In a bedroom found in Madame Sauvage’s Bar in Ebbside, Neon (Alpha Volii). No
Meeting with Bayu Absolute Power Found inside the safe in Auymi Komiko’s Office in Generdyne, Neon (Alpha Volii). No
Ayumi’s Offer Absolute Power Found behind the bar in the Euphorika Members Only Lounge in the Underbelly of Neon (Alpha Volii). Costs 5,000 to access the lounge. No
Mortem Orbire Eye of the Storm Found near Kryx’s corpse on the Legacy Ship. Yes
Gennady Ayton Doctor’s Orders (optional side quest) Accept Samina’s quest at the Key’s Clinic. Then head to The Clinic space station to find the evidence behind Gennady Ayton, in his office. Yes
Message for Bog Reclaiming the Past (optional side quest) Accept the quest from Bog in The Last Nova to find his ex’s ring. Head to the Ecliptic Facility (random planet location). The evidence is found in the same chest as the ring. Yes
Request A17 N/A Found near the computer in Jazz’s Ship Service office on The Key. Yes
Mira’s Demise N/A Found in a room in the Bunks area of The Key. Yes
Voss’ Parts N/A Found next to Delgado’s Computer, in the upper area of the Operations Center on The Key. Yes
Chunks Heist N/A Found on the bar in the Red Mile on Porrima III, Porrima system. No
HopeTown Raid N/A Found on the bar at The Pit Stop in HopeTown on planet Polvo in the Valo system. No
Chiroptera N/A Found on the bar in Lizzy’s Bar in Gagarin Landing on Gagarin, Alpha Centuri system. No
Kreet Offer N/A Found on a table overlooking the bar area on The Den station orbiting Chthonia in the Wolf System. No


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