Rainbow Six Extraction Game Pass

Rainbow Six Extraction is making its way to PC Game Pass on day one when it releases January 20. Ubisoft made the announcement earlier today, and went further in-depth about this decision, and the addition of Ubisoft+ to Xbox, on its official website. The decision stemmed from wanting the community to “look forward to playing together, no matter where they play,” said Ubisoft’s Sarah Bond.

Chris Early from Ubisoft also stated that it demonstrates “the value and choice that game subscriptions offer to players.”¬†Rainbow Six Extraction isn’t the only co-op shooter that’s made its way over to Xbox Game Pass recently, either. Back 4 Blood¬†is another title that made use of the platform back in October 2021.


Time to assemble the squad

Rainbow Six Extraction has seen its fair share of problems. Unfortunate timing led to a name change, and delays forced let to the game’s eventual delay. Considering that the game was first announced in 2019 at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference, you can be forgiven if you’ve forgotten all about it.

Rainbow Six Extraction Game Pass

It sure seemed like the game has some kind of curse placed onto it, but hopefully not for much longer. Rainbow Six Extraction has a set release date for later this month, and its day one release on Game Pass should bring in lots of new players. It’s an interesting strategy by Ubisoft, who clearly wants as many players in the game as possible. But, to be honest you can’t really blame them, considering how long the game has spent in the oven.

Time will tell if Rainbow Six Extraction was worth waiting all this time for. Luckily the wait is soon to be over with January 20 is just around the corner. Apart from Xbox Game Pass, there’ll be loads of ways to get your hands on the game. Besides purchasing it outright, you can also use an Ubisoft+ subscription, which provides access to over 100 games. But, since everyone has Xbox Game Pass anyway, you may as well grab Rainbow Six Extraction from there.

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