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PC Invasion Podcast #54 – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

This week: it’s a fully augmented Deus Ex: Mankind Divided special. All topics are discussed, so consider this a SPOILER podcast.


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  • No Man’s Sky discoveries reportedly being wiped (8)
    • kwent86: yes i'm sure its as simple as storing it all in a text file....
    • Al Goodall: I've gave up naming things after the second system I explored, started to seem quite pointless. My reckoning was,…
    • delrael_death: Yea. Sure. Tell me, how much file with all those names would weight?
  • Deus Ex: Microtransaction Blindsided (4)
    • Hunter: Thanks for writing this! A really big issue I took with the cash shop was the fact that it was…
    • wrap: It would be interesting to know how much was the development and marketing costs. Microtransactions is a huge deal and…
    • Ossi Hurme: "If you took a punt on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, you got some goodies to get you a head-start…

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