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Satellite Reign Early Access Impressions

The first time I played Syndicate on the Amiga 1200, it was pretty revelatory. It wasn’t even the full game, just a copy of a coverdisk demo which let you play a single stand-alone mission….

By: Peter Parrish

Satellite Reign demonstrates 10 minutes of gameplay

5 Lives have released around 10 minutes of pre-alpha gameplay footage from their Syndicate-inspired title, Satellite Reign. The game was Kickstarted with funds last year, and those who backed at the “alpha” level will soon…

By: Peter Parrish

If money rains: Satellite Reign stretch goals revealed

Depressingly, Satellite Reign isn’t doing amazingly on Kickstarter. I’m pretty sure the Syndicate Wars-inspired open-world strategy game will hit its £350,000 goal (it’s currently on £259,295 with 10 days to go) but the stretch goals revealed…

By: Tim McDonald