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Life is Strange concludes tomorrow

Life is Strange will come to a (probably quite strange) conclusion tomorrow with its final episode, Polarized, and the launch trailer is here to prove it.

By: Tim McDonald

Life is Strange episode 3 launching next week

In news that should probably be delivered alongside some soft, acoustic indie rock, Life is Strange episode 3 has been dated. Titled Chaos Theory, the third episode of Life is Strange sees Max and Chloe…

By: Tim McDonald

Life is Strange Episode 2: Out of Time Review

Life is Strange is getting dark. I don’t mean literally – if anything, there are less flashes of the pitch-black night with the apocalyptic hurricane in this episode than in its predecessor – but in…

By: Tim McDonald

Life is Strange gets a second episode trailer

That is to say, it’s a trailer for the second episode of Life is Strange, not that it’s a trailer that lasts a second. Episodic fortnight (so called because apparently everyone is releasing an episode…

By: Tim McDonald

New Life is Strange dev diary explains time-altering

The second dev diary for Life is Strange has been released. Called “The Butterfly Effect”, this one focuses on Max’s time-altering powers, and how they work. DONTNOD’s Life is Strange has you control Max, a…

By: Tim McDonald