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Payday 2 sets us up the Bomb Heists

Payday 2 will be getting an explosive pair of new heists on Thursday, with the Bomb Heists DLC. This DLC is being developed by Lion Game Lion rather than Overkill, and from what I can…

By: Tim McDonald

Payday 2’s Big Bank Heist DLC breaks onto Steam

If you’re itching for a new heist, Payday 2‘s Big Bank Heist DLC has broken into Steam through some successful planning. The Big Bank Heist adds a new contact (the Dentist, played by Breaking Bad‘s Giancarlo…

By: Tim McDonald

Payday 2 gets a free Death Wish later today

Overkill have announced that Payday 2 will be getting another free update later today: the Death Wish update. As the name implies, the Death Wish update is all about making things harder for the poor,…

By: Tim McDonald

Payday 2 adds prestige-like Infamy unlocks

If you’ve played Payday 2 to death since launch – and I know a fair few people who have – then you probably hit the level cap a long time ago, bought a ridiculous amount…

By: Tim McDonald

Payday 2 adds free Charlie Santa Heist

As a special Christmas present, Overkill Software have added a free heist to Payday 2 – the Charlie Santa Heist. This heist has players robbing the GO Bank, apparently based on a map from Counter-Strike:…

By: Tim McDonald

Payday 2 Review

Day 1: The Jewellery Store I figured I’d be pretty good at this heisting stuff. I mean, hell, I’ve finished every level in Monaco – even the super hard ones – and this is basically…

By: Tim McDonald

The heist is on: Payday 2 launching next week

Overkill have announced that the going-to-be-released-sometime-soon Payday 2 now has a hard release date. Sort of. It does for PC, anyway! Payday 2 will launch on Steam on 13 August, with the console versions coming…

By: Tim McDonald