Destiny 2 Bad Juju Exotic Quest Guide The Other Side Tribute Hall

An old exotic from the first Destiny game has returned. It’s the Bad Juju, an exotic pulse rifle that has the String of Curses perk. This allows the Bad Juju to fire at full auto, all while kills reload its magazine automatically, increase its damage, and provide super energy. What’s not to love? In Destiny 2, you can obtain the Bad Juju exotic weapon via a quick and easy quest chain and a short mission. We’ll tell you everything you need to know in this guide.

Destiny 2 Bad Juju Exotic Quest Guide The Other Side Tribute Hall Exotic Weapon

Invitation from the Emperor

Nope, this is not the same quest you had back when Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence began. It’s a brand new “Invitation from the Emperor” quest which you’ll get from the chest next to Werner 99-40 at the Nessus Barge. Your task is to head to the Tribute Hall which you’ll find also in Nessus via the directory.

Once you arrive, interact with the statue of Calus and you’ll see that it’s selling bounties which reward one Boon of Opulence each, as well as various tributes (more on these later). A Boon of Opulence will at a 1% discount when buying tributes up to a maximum of 80%. Regardless of the bounties you choose to do on your characters, you’re limited to only four boons as rewards each day for your entire account. It’s going to take a while until you get the maximum discount.

These are the following bounties today:

  • Weapon of Choice – 50 enemies killed without dying
  • Strike True – 50 precision kills in strikes without dying
  • Wildest Dreams – 2 Dreaming City public events completed without dying
  • Bank on It – 20 motes banked in Gambit Prime without dying

The step for this part of the Bad Juju questline is to simply complete one bounty and obtain one Boon of Opulence. Just head over to any Vanguard strike, shoot mobs in the head and kill some more, and, hopefully, you can avoid dying. You’ll get Weapon of Choice and Strike True done in no time.

Head back to the Tribute Hall, and, once you’ve obtained a Boon of Opulence, Calus’ statue will ask you to place various tributes around the area. The Bad Juju questline will then change to “Golden Warrior.”

Destiny 2 Bad Juju Exotic Quest Guide The Other Side Tribute Hall Calus Bounties

Tribute Hall – Where to get Tributes

This area will have a number of icons that you can interact with. Doing so will place a particular tribute on that spot. To complete the “Golden Warrior” part of the Bad Juju questline, you’ll have to place 3, 6, 10, 14, and finally 18 tributes in total.

So where exactly do you find more tributes? Well, the Calus statue is selling them… for a hefty price:

  • Shank/Fallen Tribute = 110+ dusklight shards
  • Thrall/Hive Tribute = 110+ alkane dust
  • Goblin/Vex Tribute = 110+ microplastic datalattice
  • Warbeast/Cabal Tribute = 110+ phaseglass needle
  • Primary Ammo Tribute = 250+ legendary shards
  • Ghost Tribute = 2,700+ bright dust

That’s for each tribute that you need to buy, and you can buy up to a maximum of five for each type. Each will also cost 11,000+ glimmer. These exorbitant prices are because you don’t have a huge discount yet. It’d require several days to obtain more Boons of Opulence to get fairer prices.

Destiny 2 Bad Juju Exotic Quest Guide The Other Side Tribute Hall Tributes

Tributes from Triumphs

There’s also another way and that’s via your Triumphs panel. Open your menu and check out “Triumphs -> Minor -> Tribute Hall” and you’ll see the ones which you can earn via activity completions. Most of these will require you to equip several Menagerie or Leviathan items when completing activities such as Vanguard strikes, Crucible matches, or raids.

Assuming you’ve been fooling around in the Menagerie and you farmed your chest rewards prior to the fix, then there’s a good chance you’ve obtained a full set of Menagerie-themed armor, or perhaps ones that dropped in the Crown of Sorrow raid.

In my case, I already had half a dozen tributes obtained and so I just planted them all over the Tribute Hall. When I ran out, I bought the Shank/Fallen Tribute which required dusklight shards. It’s a good thing that Spider was selling five of them at one legendary shard apiece.

Each time you’ve completed a part of the “Golden Warrior” step for the Bad Juju questline, you’ll earn a Memory Fragment Tribute. These are placed at the center dais next to an ominous-looking chest. Once you’ve placed your 18th tribute, you’ll get the final memory that can be placed at the central area.

Destiny 2 Bad Juju Exotic Quest Guide The Other Side Ascendant Plane

The Other Side

Once you’ve placed the 18th tribute, Calus’ statue will ask you to head to the ascendant plane. The quest known as “The Other Side” can be started from the central area in the Tribute Hall. It has a power level requirement of 350 and it’s fairly easy. It might be the easiest exotic quest in Destiny 2. There are no modifiers or time limits, not even a single darkness zone, and it can be soloed without problems. Also, completing it solo without dying rewards you with a secret triumph.

Anyway, once you go through the ascendant plane portal, place a rally banner to stock up on ammo and get your super recharged. Just follow the pathway across broken bridges, endless chasms, and fallen edifices to reach new areas. Each area will have dozens of Taken enemies. Taking them out will open pathways for you to progress.

Ascendant Plane Garden

Eventually, you’ll reach the garden which Destiny 2 veterans will remember as the “Dogs” encounter in the Leviathan raid. The difference? It’s a corrupted version filled with Taken shadow beasts. You’ll have to destroy four Taken blights in the area and all the enemies, including a Taken ogre ultra, to open a path.

You’ll finally see a grand expanse reminiscent of the Castellum in Destiny 2’s Leviathan raid. There’s a spectral entity hovering in the center of the area, and you’re asked to “feed the essence.” Cabal and Taken are fighting and you’ll have to kill the hundreds of enemies that’ll appear until the Taken centurion boss spawns. Once it’s down, you’re finished with “The Other Side” quest step for the Bad Juju exotic.

Ascendant Plane Boss

Bad Juju Catalyst

The final step is as simple as heading back to the center dais of the Tribute Hall where you accessed the quest. The Bad Juju exotic is right there for the taking. Interact with it and it’s yours.

The mission may be done, but you can still redo it since it’ll become an adventure. That’s great if you need to rerun it for a solo completion with no deaths which awards a triumph.

Wait, what about the Bad Juju catalyst?

You need to place 45 tributes in total in the chamber. Once you’ve done that, just grab the catalyst from Calus’ statue and slot it in your Bad Juju exotic.

Since you won’t have a high discount for now, and materials can be tough to obtain, you can keep completing the bounties each day for more Boons of Opulence. Eventually, you should have a decent discount to buy the additional tributes. You can also view your Triumphs page for those that you can still obtain.

Don’t forget, if you need the extra help, you can check out our guides and features hub as well.

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