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Destiny 2’s long and arduous journey for the past couple of years will culminate in its third and final Annual Pass DLC: Penumbra, also known as the Season of Opulence. This guides hub will have everything you need to know about the season’s upcoming content.

Destiny 2’s first year had been fraught with numerous issues and it’s improved after a while. Now, with Penumbra and the Season of Opulence set to begin today, June 4, we’ll see where our encounter with Emperor Calus will take us.

Penumbra And Season Of Opulence Guides Hub

This features and guides hub for Destiny 2: Penumbra and Season of Opulence will work the same way as the one we had for the Joker’s Wild DLC or the Season of the Drifter. Although I’ve been writing quite a number of Destiny 2 guides this past year, I thought it’d be a tad more organized to have them in one hub. Think of it as also similar to a more recent example such as our Total War: Three Kingdoms guides hub.

Destiny 2 Penumbra Season Of Opulence Menagerie Crown Of Sorrow Raid Guide Calendar

This hub will continue to get updated with more guides, features, and news updates as the Penumbra DLC rolls along. As you can see from the content roadmap/calendar above, we’ll have quite a lot to look forward to in Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence.

  • The Basics – Our basics guide will let you know what to expect for the Penumbra DLC given the information released by Bungie.
  • The Invitation Quest Guide – The Invitation is like an attunement quest as well as a catch-up mechanic in Destiny 2. Completing this will provice access to the Menagerie activity and Crown of Sorrow raid.
  • The Menagerie Guide – The Menagerie activity will be made available on June 4, and it will take us to the depths of the Leviathan. The Chalice of Opulence can be customized to give you the loot you want.
  • Menagerie chest glitch/chest farming – The Menagerie’s chest can be farmed several times. It’ll get fixed this July so make sure to grab the god rolls and curated rolls you want.
  • Menagerie Week 2 Boss – Arunak – Face off against this giant ogre during the second week of the Season of Opulence.
  • Menagerie Week 3 Boss – Pagouri – Take out this Vex hydra, the third boss in the Menagerie.
  • Menagerie: Heroic Mode – A harder, tougher version of the Menagerie activity. The first week’s boss is, once again, Hasapiko.
  • Pinnacle Weapons Guide – These are the requirements to obtain Destiny 2’s new pinnacle weapons — Wendigo GL-3 grenade launcher, the Revoker sniper rifle, and the Hush combat bow.
  • Leveling Guide – Feeling like a little light? Well, worry no more since we’ve got some tips to boost you to the next level.
  • Crown of Sorrow Raid Guide – The Crown of Sorrow raid will be made available on June 4 as well, the first time that a raid is made available on the same day a DLC launches.
  • Iron Banner and Gunnora’s Axe – The Gunnora’s Axe has a curated version that can be obtained via a pinnacle quest.
  • Truth Exotic Quest Guide – Truth was a fan-favorite rocket launcher for PVP players in Destiny 1 due to insane tracking capabilities. It will make its return for the Season of Opulence on June 11.
  • Lumina Exotic Quest Guide – Lumina, a mysterious hand cannon, will be introduced on July 2 via another exotic quest.
  • Bad Juju Exotic Quest Guide – The Bad Juju returns from Destiny 1. Here’s how you can get it.
  • Tribute Hall – It’s going to be a grind to get all your Tribute Hall triumphs.
  • Moments of Triumph – The Moments of Triumph are the achievements you’ve obtained throughout your Destiny 2 journey.
  • Solstice of Heroes – The Solstice of Heroes is an event that closes that chapter or year for Destiny 2. Our event hub has everything including the EAZ and grinding basics and how to get the MMXIX title. We also have a mini guide for Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans given that there are different requirements for certain armor pieces.

All these and more will come our way in Destiny 2: Penumbra and the Season of Opulence. For now, you can check out the basics to see what we can all expect.

Keep this page bookmarked and we’ll be adding more guides and features down the line. Eyes here, Guardians.

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