Destiny 2 Eternity Xur's Treasure Hoard Treasure Chests Treasure Keys Strange Coins Starhorse Bounties

Destiny 2: Xur’s Treasure Hoard, Starhorse bounties, and Strange Coins

Xur and his horsey pal.
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You’ll begin your first Dares of Eternity run after launching Destiny 2 (as long as you’ve updated the game). Once that’s cleared, a new location called Eternity will appear in the Director. One of the selections takes you to Xur’s Treasure Hoard. Here’s our Destiny 2 guide to help you with the Starhorse bounties, the rewards from Xur, the acquisition of Strange Coins, and the gargantuan treasure chests.

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Destiny 2 Eternity and Xur’s Treasure Hoard guide – Xur’s rewards and Starhorse bounties

When you click on the Eternity destination on the Director, you’ll see three choices:

  • Grasp of Avarice – This is the new dungeon that can only be accessed if you own the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack.
  • Dares of Eternity – This is free to all players even if they don’t own the DLC.
  • Xur’s Treasure Hoard – This is where you’ll need to go for now. It’s a small, Tribute Hall-sized area that’s filled with gold and chests. The vendors here are Xur and Starhorse.

D2 Bng30 Xrtrhet 1

Xur’s Exotic Quests in Destiny 2

Assuming you’ve already cleared your first Dares of Eternity activity, talk to Xur to get a quest called To the Daring Go the Spoils. The activity itself granted you a Treasure Key, and you can use that to open the large chest next to Xur. You’ll receive one of the new Bungie game-themed weapons (i.e., the BxR Battler which looks like Halo‘s Battle Rifle).

Xur will also hand you a Resplendent Reward Package which contains another one of these weapons — in my case, I ended up with another BxR. Likewise, he’ll give you an exotic quest called Magnum Opus. Completing that gives you the Forerunner, an exotic sidearm that looks like Halo‘s Magnum. Moreover, the second page of Xur’s inventory tab has another quest called And Out Fly the Wolves (if you own the 30th Anniversary Pack). This quest chain nets you the mighty Gjallarhorn.

D2 Bng30 Xrtrhet 2a

Xur’s Bounties, Rewards, and Strange Favor Rank

  • Strange Favor Rank – This is the progress bar at the top. You’ll level up as you finish more Dares of Eternity runs. Increasing your Strange Favor Rank grants rewards, and it’s also a mechanic used for the large treasure chests in the area:
    • Rank 4 – Strange Key (used as part of the Forerunner exotic quest).
    • Rank 7 – 3x Upgrade Module.
    • Rank 10 – 3x Enhancement Core.
    • Rank 13 – 3x Enhancement Prism.
    • Rank 16 – Anomalous Access Card.
    • Rank 16 – Allows you to reset your rank to obtain more rewards; also grants an Ascendant Shard.
  • Daily Bounties – Xur has daily bounties and additional bounties that provide XP. These need to be completed in Dares of Eternity:
    • Complete 1x Dares of Eternity.
    • Defeat 4x champions.
    • Defeat 30x enemies with kinetic weapons.
    • Defeat enemies with Arc damage; Arc melee kills grant more progress.
  • Triumph Rewards – These are the other rewards you can obtain by completing Triumphs:
    • Repeat Winner – Anniversary Pose emote.
    • Old Friends, Old Couch – The Seat of Power multiplayer emote.
    • Fateful Spin – Joyful Burst emote.
    • Special Guest Scar – Ultra Plasmic Shader. The Triumph can be completed by killing the special contestant mob if you can trigger the Lightning Round in Dares of Eternity.
    • The Richest Dead Man Alive – Hraesveglur (Gjallarhorn ornament).
    • Complete the 30th Anniversary Seal/Title – Class-specific universal ornament (i.e., Thy Fearful Symmetry for the Warlock looks like a tiger’s helm).

D2 Bng30 Xrtrhet 2b

Strange Coins for Starhorse

Xur’s cosmic pal, Starhorse, also serves as a vendor of sorts. The celestial creature has the same Triumph Rewards, but there’s additional stuff that you can obtain if you exchange Strange Coins.

In general, Strange Coins in Destiny 2 can be obtained when you complete Dares of Eternity, Vanguard strikes, Crucible matches, Gambit matches, heroic public events (random), and bounties (random). Likewise, the Lightning Round in Dares of Eternity can potentially net you three additional chests, and each can have Strange Coins or Treasure Keys.

Starhorse Items

Starhorse has some items that you can obtain:

  • Legendary Engram – 3x Strange Coins.
  • 1,000 Glimmer – 5x Strange Coins.
  • Paraversal Haul – 7x Strange Coins; Paraversal Haul boxes contain a random reward. It’s possible to receive Strange Coins, Treasure Keys, exotics, and legendaries.
  • Treasure Key – 10x Strange Coins.

Destiny 2 Eternity Xur's Treasure Hoard Treasure Chests Treasure Keys Strange Coins Starhorse Bounties 1a

Starhorse Bounties and Rewards

Similar to Xur, Starhorse has bounties that need to be completed during a Dares of Eternity activity. However, you can only finish the tally for that particular run. If you fail, then the progress will reset and you’ll need to try your best in another attempt. This can cause a few headaches, especially if you’re competing with other players for specific types of kills.

In any case, you’ll see the Starhorse bounties in Destiny 2 listed below. Daily bounties cost 3x Strange Coins and weekly bounties cost 7x Strange Coins. Rewards for these include XP, Enhancement Cores, and Paraversal Haul (more on these in a while).

  • Pulse of Combat
    • Pulse rifle final blows (rapid kills add more progress.
    • Get a score of 160,000 points.
  • Laser Tag
    • Trace rifle final blows; rapid kills add more progress.
    • Get a score of 160,000 points.
  • Double Barrel
    • Shotgun final blows; rapid kills add more progress.
    • Get a score of 160,000 points.
  • Old-Fashioned Way
    • Charged/uncharged melee kills.
    • Kinetic weapon kills.
    • Get a score of 180,000 points.
  • Bring The Overkill
    • Super kills.
    • Elemental final blows (must disintegrate enemies upon death).
    • Get a score of 180,000 points.
  • Match Game – Weekly bounty that has to be done in Legend difficulty:
    • Void, Arc, or Solar weapon kills that match your current subclass.
    • Power weapon kills.
    • Get a score of 300,000 points.

Note: You’re only limited to one bounty at a time regardless of that being a daily or a weekly. If you’re doing the Magnum Opus quest for the Forerunner, there’s a step that requires you to finish 3x Starhorse bounties, but tougher bounties give more progress. As such, you might want to pick the weekly to speed things up.

Destiny 2 Eternity Xur's Treasure Hoard Treasure Chests Treasure Keys Strange Coins Starhorse Bounties 1b

The treasure chests in Destiny 2‘s Eternity zone

I’ve mentioned Treasure Keys and the Strange Favor Rank a few times already. Well, these are what we need to take note of if we want to open the large treasure chests in the Eternity zone in Destiny 2. By default, only the large chest next to Xur can be opened (the one that grants the new weapons). But, several are scattered around the chamber:

  • Class armor sets – At the corners of the room, you’ll find three statues of each class.
    • Helmet – Rank 4 and 3x Treasure Keys.
    • Arms – Rank 4 and 3x Treasure Keys.
    • Chest – Rank 7 and 5x Treasure Keys.
    • Legs – Rank 10 and 5x Treasure Keys.
    • Class Item – Rank 13 and 7x Treasure Keys.
  • Other items – Near the center of the room, you’ll also see large treasure chests:
    • Celebration Weapon Mod – 1x Treasure Keys; must have completed To the Daring Go the Spoils.
    • Sparrow – Rank 16 and 5x Treasure Keys.
    • Ship – Rank 16 and 7x Treasure Keys.

Destiny 2 Eternity Xur's Treasure Hoard Treasure Chests Treasure Keys Strange Coins Starhorse Bounties 2

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