Elden Ring: How to beat Lichdragon Fortissax in Deeproot Depths

Elden Ring Lichdragon Fortissax Secret Boss Guide Fia Deeproot Depths

Lichdragon Fortissax is a secret boss in Elden Ring, one that you can only encounter after meeting a plethora of requirements as part of a quest chain. Here’s our Elden Ring boss guide to help you interact with Fia so you can fight and beat Lichdragon Fortissax in Deeproot Depths.

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Elden Ring boss guide – How to beat Lichdragon Fortissax in Deeproot Depths (secret boss)

Fia and the Cursemark of Death

The Lichdragon Fortissax boss fight in Elden Ring takes place in Deeproot Depths. You can view our separate guide on what you need to do to get to this zone.

Then, once you’ve defeated Fia’s Champions, you’ll be able to talk to Fia herself. Fia is initially antagonistic because she doesn’t know your intentions. However, you can ask her for a hug. You can then exhaust all her dialogue options.

Eldr Sec Dprdpt Ftxbs 1a

At this point, I should warn you that you need a specific item called the Cursemark of Death. It’s part of a lengthy quest chain that’s going to be an absolute doozy. Here’s the gist:

  • Clear Caria Manor to reach the Three Sisters zone. This will let you start Witch Ranni’s quest.
  • In Nokron Eternal City, go to the end of the Night’s Sacred Ground dungeon to obtain the Fingerslayer Blade.
  • Bring it back to Ranni, who’ll give you the Carian Inverted Statue. Use this to turn Carian Study Hall upside down.
  • Once you’re done with that, you’ll receive the Cursemark of Death from the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

At this point, Ranni’s quest diverges, since you’ll be heading to Nokstella Eternal City for her tasks. But, since you have the Cursemark of Death, that’s just what we need for Fia’s own quest.

Eldr Sec Dprdpt Ftxbs 2

As you talk to Fia, she’ll mention a “hallowbrand” of sorts. This is when you can give her the Cursemark of Death. You’ll receive the Radiant Baldachin’s Blessing (increases poise by spending FP).

Next, keep talking to Fia until she divulges that she will lay with Godfrey and bear a child. Nothing will happen at this point, so you can either fast travel in and out or reload the game.

When you return, Fia will be asleep. If you interact with Fia, this will let you enter the Deathbed Dream.

Eldr Sec Dprdpt Ftxbs 3

Elden Ring Lichdragon Fortissax boss fight

To be frank, I focused primarily on ranged combat here, and Lichdragon Fortissax became an absolute joke. Basically, if you’re fighting from a distance, you’ll only need to watch out for these attacks:

  • Flame Breath – It’s a dragon that breathes fire. Just run sideways to avoid it.
  • Death Lightning – Several bolts of lightning will strike the ground. These spots will also be covered in Deathshroud, which will gradually increase your meter until you instantly die. You can safely avoid these by backing away and, in fact, you can keep shooting the boss if you’re out of the target area of the lightning strikes.
  • Lightning Claw – The boss will roar before flying high up in the air. It will then maneuver and slash the area where you’re standing. This is easily avoided by dodging.

Elden Ring Lichdragon Fortissax Secret Boss Guide Fia Deeproot Depths 1

Anyway, I think I only healed once while fighting Lichdragon Fortissax in Elden Ring (I got hit by the Flame Breath because I was getting greedy). This is a fairly straightforward fight, so just keep your distance to avoid triggering the boss’ melee sequences.

After beating Lichdragon Fortissax in Elden Ring, you’ll receive the Remembrance of the Lichdragon as loot. You can exchange it in Roundtable Hold for either of these two:

  • Fortissax’s Lightning Spear (Incantation) – FAI 46.
  • Death Lightning (Incantation) – FAI 47.

Elden Ring Lichdragon Fortissax Secret Boss Guide Fia Deeproot Depths 2

Also, make sure you check on Fia. Once you’ve killed Fortissax, you can pick up the Mending Rune of the Death Prince, a key item that’s related to the game’s ending. Likewise, if you rest at the Site of Grace, you can grab Fia’s Hood and Fia’s Robe as well (it looks like she’s dead).

Note: There’s a teleporter here that can’t be used at the moment.

Elden Ring Lichdragon Fortissax Secret Boss Guide Fia Deeproot Depths 3

Elden Ring is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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