Far Cry 6 Paint The Town Yaran Story Gabriel Statues Zenia Zayas

Vandalism is one way of protesting the atrocities of Anton Castillo’s government, and you’ll do just that as part of a quest that takes place in Esperanza. Here’s our Far Cry 6 guide to help you with the Gabriel statues for the “Paint the Town” Yaran story. Completing it nets you Zenia Zayas as a Los Bandidos leader.

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Far Cry 6 “Paint the Town” Yaran Story guide: Where to find Gabriel statues so you can recruit Zenia Zayas

You’ll initially meet Zenia Zayas in Far Cry 6 while doing Yaran Stories in Madrugada. Specifically, these are the ones that let you acquire the Señor Pinga tank. I’m not sure if you’re required to complete those missions first before you receive “Paint the Town.” Just to be on the safe side, go ahead and finish those.

Anyway, the next time you meet Zenia Zayas is in the Mercurio Mecanico hideout in southwest Esperanza. She’ll give you the “Paint the Town” Yaran Story and your goal is to vandalize 12 Gabriel statues.

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Gabriel Castillo is the father of Anton Castillo, Yara’s current dictator. You’ll find busts of him in various spots in the capital. To deface one, simply press “E.”

Note: The locations of these statues will be unknown to you until you discover them. If the “Paint the Town” Yaran Story is being tracked, they’ll have a diamond icon. However, these icons would sometimes disappear if you fast travel. As such, it’s better to deface them the moment you see them.

Far Cry 6 Paint The Town Yaran Story Gabriel Statues Zenia Zayas 1

The map below shows you the locations of the Gabriel statues in Far Cry 6. For reference, several of these are along the waterfront/highway outside the restricted zone. Others, meanwhile, are inside the restricted zone itself. You’ll need to use sewers, rooftops, and alleyways to reach them. Here are some suggestions:

  • Two statues in the north – Fast travel to Malecon Heights Plaza and drive to reach them.
  • Two statues in the southwest – Use the Mercurio Mecanico hideout and go to those spots.
  • The four remaining ones along the waterfront – Use the San Cayetano Orphanage and drive along the road going counter-clockwise until you reach the northeast.
  • Three in the eastern restricted area (Old Pueblo) – If you’ve already captured it, fast travel to La Divinidad Cathedral and go through the alleys, rooftops, and sewers here.
  • One in the western restricted area (West Lado) – Use the Pablo’s Alley fast travel point to get there.

When you’re done, Zenia Zayas will become available as a Los Bandidos leader. Lastly, since you’re already exploring Esperanza, don’t forget to pick up unique weapons like the Pistola Sportiva sidearm, El Rubi shotgun, Crackle & Pop machine gun, Zona 51 rifle, and Urushi rifle.

Far Cry 6 Paint The Town Yaran Story Gabriel Statues Zenia Zayas 2

Far Cry 6 is available via Ubisoft’s store and the Epic Games Store.

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